Pregnancy After HSG...anyone with any info???
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Patreasa_Mullen - August 11

Hi ladies. I have been a visitor on here for the past 7 months after my daughter Dynasti Aiyana died. i was 22 weeks pregnant, and I went into premature labor. My daughter was born alive, but died in our arms. I really do miss her. I had an HSG done June 5th, and I skipped a period because I was under so much stress from my life. I had AF July 26. I ovulated August 8th, so I'm doing the 2WW thing. ANy ladies have the HSG test done? Any success with fertility afterwards? My results showed no tubal blockage, and everything looked good. ? I really do want to get pregnant again, because I have accepted my daughter's death, and I am ready to move forward. Any ladies that could help me, your help is appreciated:)


slowpoke01 - August 11

patreasa so sorry to hear that i too am in the 2ww i had hsg dye test done a couple of months ago so we will see if this cycle works. i have heard alot of women say they got pregnant right after hsg. good luck to you. do you do iui's, take clomid, or do the hcg trigger shot? i have done all of it this cycle had follicle monitoring hcg trigger shot took clomid days 3-7 and had iui yesterday so we will see what happens. good luck to you again and let me know what happens in the 2ww


Terrie - August 11

Patreasa_Mullen, First, I want to say that I am so sorry to hear about your daughter!!! My heart goes out to you!!

My dh and I were ttc for 2 years. I finally had the HSG done in January of this year and I am now in my 8th month of pregnancy. It doesn't always work for everyone, but I thank God always that it worked for us!! I had the test done on January 9th, my dh and I bd from January 11th through January 20th - everyday. I am almost positive we conceived on January 17th!!! It was a little uncomfortable, but worth it in the you can see. I wish you all the luck!!!



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