Power of Prayer (add your prayer requests)
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Chi-Girl - October 23

We are all longing for and asking and trusting God for the same thing, a child. I believe in the power of prayer. The bible (Matthew 21:22) says, “…whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Therefore, I would like to start a prayer chain. Let’s pray for a miracle, not only for ourselves, but also for others that post messages. It’s simple… before submitting posts (a prayer request) please take a moment to read the post of the last three people and pray for them and also for you. It doesn’t matter if your prayer is a minute long or and hour long… God hears the prayers of the righteous. Call out the username of the people that you are praying for, and though it may not be their actual name God knows exactly who she is. Let’s get our prayer chain started. And be sure to thank Him even before the gift is given… because God never fails! Your miracle could come spontaneously, medically, or miraculously and it could happen today, next week, or next year, but if we all pray and believe, He will give us the desires of our hearts. Now, I am not preaching to anyone, in fact, if you don’t believe in God or prayer just simply move on to another post, please don’t leave negative messages to discourage others who would like to join this prayer list.

My request: After suffering a miscarriage in June my prayer is that my husband and I conceive a child, my body is healthy and able to sustain the pregnancy, and to bring a healthy and happy baby in the world.


isa - October 24

My request - I am hoping my 2nd ivf cycle will begin soon and I will get pregnant from it and deliver a healthy to term baby.


Gracie - October 25

My request- I pray that I am able to get pregnant this month and be able to have a baby that is healthy and to term so we can move onto the next journey of our lives and not have to do the ivf process.


nans_n - October 25

My Request: To conceive again naturally after my miscarriage last december 2005 at 7 weeks and 2 days. Heavenly father I pray that you will give me another chance to get pregnant to a healthy baby. I've been TTC 2 1/2 years and I really hope that i will get pg very soon. And I just want to say thank you God in advance for the blessing to come. In Jesus Name...Amen.


angelkitty - October 25

My request _ That I am pregnant this month or will be pregnant next month with a healthy baby and will have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I thank you Father God that you do give us the desires of our hearts and that you are mindful of us. In the Mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I pray. Amen


angelkitty - October 25

My request - My friends KB, CE and for Linds99 and Lovemy3 to conceive a baby in the month of November 2006. I pray they have healthy babies and a wonderful and joyful pregnancy. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


linds99 - October 25

My request - I am praying my current cycle to be successful this month and that my husband and I will be blessed with a child that we have longed for for the last 13 months. I pray that God guide me with my future pregnancy and bless my child with health.


linds99 - October 25

My request, that KB, CE, isa, Gracie, Chi-Girl, Lovemy3, Ginger, nans_n, and angelkitty all are blessed with the baby that they long for, that they no longer have to feel the pain of infertility and can rejoice in the warmth of a child in their arms next year. Please God watch over all of us and help us, we deserve to be mothers and offer your love in the extension of a child.


HeatherP - October 26

Lord, I want to first thank you for your continued blessings and helping me get through all these many months of fertility treatments. Help us to never give up our quest to become a mother. I pray that each and every one of us is blessed with a beautiful, happy, healthy baby in the near future. In Jesus' name I pray - Amen.


stephannpruitt - October 26

My request- I am hoping that I will be able to conceive naturally in the next three months and deliver a healthy full term baby, following an ectopic pregnancy in February '06.


Jazzee - October 27

Girls hope you dont mind me posting my prayer. Dear Lord, I pray that all of these wonderfull ladies, my cyber friends, will receive a miracle. I know Lord that bearing a child is a miracle from You, and therefore Lord I pray that You bless each and every single couple with the miracle of life, please Lord let the pain be taken away and replaced by hapiness and smiles, please carry all of us in this very difficult time in our lives. In Jesus' Name, amen, amen, amen.


bamm - October 29

My praise- Dear Lord, so many women have come together and proclaimed their faith in you. I am also hopeful for a healthy pregnancy and child.Although I am aware that may not be in your plan. If not please Lord let the healg be quick, meanigful and that I can deal well with all this. Heavenly father please do not let me forget to thankful for all I do have and not to demanding of you. You are in charge but please help me hand this stress over to you. I would really like a child-a blessing. Grant us all peace in our results. AMEN


salbo - October 29

Dear Lord please hear my prayer, like the other woman on here i have been patient for 2 very long years, you have helped me and others through the pain, but please lord bless my husband and i and all my cyber friends with the healthy baby we have longed for and carry on with our lives that you blessed us with. Thankyou Lord, Amen


tonyaandjoe - October 29

i have had a tubal reversal and we are praying that we get a blessing from you LORD,heal each and everyone in mind, body, and spirit LORD.We have faith in all yuo do LORD.In jesus name I pray.AMEN.


DebbAlvarez - October 29

I come to you most gracious and Heavenly Father among these friends and ask that You pour out Your blessings upon each and every one of us Dear Lord. I pray that You come into each of our hearts and fill us with peace and reassurance. I pray that with each passing moment we stay mindful of You and Your promises. As Chi-Girl quoted Your word, "whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." I thank You for the miracles You are going to perform and I praise You Dear Father for these answered prayers. Your word says that where two are in agreement you will answer that prayer and that need. We are all in agreement that our prayers of having a child be answered. I thank You Lord for all you have already given me. My husband, family, friends, Church, job, home, and I know that You are going to give me my little angel. I claim the child I am going to have in Your precious name. I turn my pain, my worry and my doubt over to You Lord and I am putting You in control. I know without a shadow of a doubt that You are going to answer my prayer and I thank You Lord. I praise You Almighty God. Your are good, You are rightous. You are my everything Lord and I Love You Dear Father. Thank You God, In Your precious and holy name I pray, Amen....


lj1968 - October 30

My prayer heavanly father is that you make me whole again after my TR and you heal both myself and my husbands body and allow us to create a new and healthy child before the end of the year. Please here my prayer and the others before me and grant us our deepest desires, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen


Chi-Girl - November 1

I thank you all for praying for this entire group. I also prayed for everyone on this list. I started this thread not nothing if anyone would take it serious. I am GLAD that we all believe in a miracle working God. He will come through for us! I feel a blessing coming on! Let's keep the prayer chain going.



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