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Monica - September 22

Hi All, this is Monica I am trying to conceive from last few months. I thought that I am pregnant in July as I had seen some symptoms like breast swollen etc but my E.P.T came negative and then I saw the blood spots on exactly 30 day (1st August) after my previous period (1st July). I went to doctor and he also said that it was not pregnancy but might be miscarriage. After that I saw blood spot on 5th September and since then I can see some clots, spotting (till today 22nd September) and it was never like this with me before. Can anybody suggest me on this or if anyone have seen / heard this thing. Please help.


to Monica - September 22

I would go to your doctor. You maybe having a mc or have another problem that needs looking into. I had a problem with spotting that lasted 20 days at a time with a week break that started up again. I had the clots ect also. I had endo. They can determine this with a laproscopy. I would make an appt with your doc just to be sure what it is.



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