Please help, can't remember the answer about cm
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desperately trying to get pg - November 23

I know that during ovulation the cm should be like an egg white but mine always seems to be lotiony. I don't think I really get the egg white. Can lotiony cm also be a sign of ovuation. Please help.


T - November 23

You look for the wettest that you have. You might look into the Pre seed lube.


me - November 27

I only got watery and creamy cm when I conceived. I never got ewcm. Creamy is in the right direction, so it is possible that is normal for you. You could try taking some robitussin to thin it out or drink lots of water to help produce more cm. Worst case scenario, your hormones are not at optimum for ewcm and you need to get them regulated. Try temping and charting your cm to get an idea of when and what is normal for you for at least 6 months. If you don't see any progress, go to the dr. Good luck!


*** - November 28

mine looks like egg whites and stretchy. with some cramping like af is coming. to see a good picture of what to look for go to yahoo and on search type cervical mucus and click on images it should the first picture on the left corner. good luck** baby dust



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