period or not somebody help please?
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r - August 17

i am 24 days late sore boobs,bloated,had creamy increased cm until monday period was due 23rd july and the one after that was due 12th aug both not arrived.all pms symptoms but no period. and a little dizziness.and very tired, also hot and swaety all the time. and the weather is nothing special. boobs are itchy and sore with shooting pains and then monday i started with spotting my periods are every 23 days so i would have been due yesterday but no blood can you tell me if a period has to have blood and clots because mine is brown and sludgy but white some times then clear, then brown stringy bits like jelly. all hpts neg please tell me if this is my period i havnt had this before, it comes and goes but no blood at all not one bit or any clots.


Krystle - August 17

since it has been this long I would think that the hpts are sounds like some other issue to me..I would call the dr and have them check you out. good luck


t - August 17

can you get pregnant if your not receving your period? I haven't had my period since June and my husband and I don't know what to do!


amu - August 23

some times when progesterone is deficient u have that kind of periods,,,talk to ur doc.She can order a blood hcg level and find out


KellyN - August 23

This is where temping really comes in handy with me. After af starts, even when it is short, or late, or early, if my temps are down I know right away it is the real deal, no wondering. Gives good piece of mind if nothing else. -kelly



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