Pelvic Ultra Sound
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TiffanyRae - June 6

I am having a Pelvic ultra sound done tomorrow morning and am wondering what to expect. Can anyone fill me in?


wannabeamom - June 6

Tiffany, I havw had about 10 of those in the last 2 month. Honestly it is nothing to worry about. They stick a wand up "there" and view it on a monitor and will print out pics of of ovaries and such. It will show any cysts and some abnormalities. If you can handle your annual pap test you will be able to handle this. Why are you having this done?


TiffanyRae - June 6

Hi wannabeamom....thanks for the hubby and I have been ttc for over two years...I am 25 he is 33....and to be honest the first year and a half we were really busy (military) and didn't motice time FLYING by! So when year two came to a close we decided something needed to be done..about a month ago we went in to the doc to see whats up. So far I have had my blood tested on cycle day 23, I have a Pelvic ultra sound tomorrow....more blood testing on CD3 and then a dye test after my period is over.....this doc is amazing...he has been scheduling me for things right and left! But he is military and I am sure he gets SO many military wives in his office requesting different tests so he just goes for it! I ama little nervous I dont' think I ovulate every month....sond my cycles are SO out of whack! Sometimes I have a 35 day cycle sometimes I have a 38 day cycle! Its crazy!!!


wannabeamom - June 6

Is the dye test the HSG test? GL tomorrow. Let me know how you did. Please feel free to join us on TTC in June thread. There are many women there and they are very helpful. The thread gets long fast so we may start a new one mid month. Well anyways, goodluck and would love to hear how you did. -Kathy



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