PCOS can anyone help
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Sara - February 2

Has anyone become pregnant with pcos, its taking me forever. I could use some suggestions on what to do.


sandra - February 4

The doc thought I had the same problem. With my second child he put me on clomid and it worked the first try. Have you talked this over with your doc?


Laurie - February 4

I have PCOS and I just had 2 cycles with 100mg of clomid. I didn't ovulate with either cycle. I was just put on 1000mg metiform. I feel sick to my stomach but it will be worth it if it works. I am currently taking progesterone (my last pill is tonight). I should start my period on Monday and then that will start my 3rd cycle. I will take the clomid on days 5 - 9. I pray that it works this month. If it works then all the nasuea feelings will be worth it. I too hope it's possible to get pregnant with PCOS. Has anyone with PCOS gotten pregnant using metiform and clomid? If so how many cycles did it take you to get preg and also did you ovulate in any cycles before getting preg?


tryin4baby - February 4

my cousin has PCOS and had to use fertility injections. clomid didn't do a thing for her. as far as the metformin, that is a diabetic medication not a fertility medication. they put her on glucaphage. metformin is the generic. she was put on it to try to decrease the amount of eggs she will produce. she produced many many large eggs every cycle due to the PCOS. She works in an infertility clinic and they seem to have many whol have the same problem but i got the impression from her that clomid doesn't seem to work as well as the injections. good luck!!!


nica - February 6

Yes! I have PCOS and I just got pregnant. I was on Clomid 50 mg and it worked for me after four cycles. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Emma - February 13

I have PCOS and I have been pregnant twice, I lost the first baby in November and I am now 6 pregnant again, I took 1500mg of metformin and lost nealry three stone (not like you can tell anyway) I just hope this time it has a happy ending for me..


mistee - February 24

i have had PCOS since 1999...i am 6' tall, used to weight 178 lbs. seemed like in a matter of months i had gained over 100 pounds. i was so devastated. i was only 26 years old and used to being tall and thin. now, i had greasy hair, tons of acne and stretch marks all over my belly. i was totally in denial that i had this syndrome. in 2001 i got married and was petrified about trying to have a baby...i mean, NO ONE wants to hear that they are infertile. it wasn't until 2004 that we were actively trying to conceive. i took glucophage for just 3 months--just ONE pill a day (i think that is 500 mg) and i also lost 15 pounds. weight will affect your fertility really bad with PCOS so if you can try to drop a few, DO IT. i found out i was pregnant this time last year (feb 11, 2004) and i now have a 4 month old little girl. she is beautiful and perfect in every way. when you become pregnant (and you WILL), consider taking it the entire pregnancy. it will help reduce the chance of miscarriage. there are no real studies on it throughout pregnancy but it is a category B (pretty safe). i basically just told my MD that i wasn't quitting it and she told me not to anyway, that it would help prevent miscarriage. it also prevented me from gestational diabetes. best of luck to you.xoxoxoxo mistee


hopeless - February 26

I know how you must be feeling.I too have PCOS.I have been on medication for for about 6 months for hyperglycimic and a year of trying but nothing.My next appointment with gyny is for next month and will start taking clomid,not ever sure what this is.but hope it helps.Feel like there is no hope...


Renee - February 26

I was diagnosed with PCOS in August last year and thought I would never ever get pregnant. The doctor started me on Metformin straight away and a low GI carb diet immediately.My menstrual cycle was about every 70 days at that point and it came down to 32 days within 3 months. I went to the doctor in Jan as I still wasn't pregnant. He prescribed me Clomid. I was just waiting for my period to start and to start taking the clomid and it didn't happen. I am now 6 weeks pregnant. I didn't think it was ever going to happen but it did. I just need to get through the next 6 weeks safely. Fingers crossed. Goodluck.


monique - March 14

i just been told i have pcos i just finished my first round of clomid doc said that i didnt ovulate.i have to go back friday for another ultrasound to see if ive ovulated if not he's going to bring on my menstral with prometrium and up my dosage of clomid.i never had an regular cycle. is there anyone elese thats bee through the same thing


Kerri-Lynn - March 16

Went and to the doctor yesterday and had Metformin prescribed to me, 850mg twice a day for 6 months..i am not to sure about this medication i have never heard of it so i don't know if it even works for infertility,does anyone here know if it does? i have a set of twins who are 8yrs old i conceived them while i was on Clomid within 3months time..i have PCOS also..if anyoen knows anything about this metformin please let me know..


desprate - March 16

kerri-lyn metformin is a dieabetic drug there is something in it that is surpose to help you get preg. I am on this at 1500mg a day plus I take clomid. My doc said this should work. There are some sideeffects, sickness and you may be consterpated. Give it a go you've gotnothing to loose, also you might find you loose some weight while takeing it. GOODLUCK !


Frances - March 16

I Have PCOS and just recently found out I'm 6wks pg!! I've been trying for 4 yrs. So it will take a while because I'm very irregular. But i have to say I'm very nervous about having a miscarrage
being that this is my second pg and had one miscarrage already. But good luck and keep trying cuz u never know!!


Kerri-Lynn - March 16

Thank-you "Desperate" i just hope this is all it takes for me to get pregnant..lol..i just bought "Folic Acid " pills today and this weekend i am going out to buy "Vitex" Natural Progesterone Cream" Flax Seed Oil "Borage Oil " and Prenatel Multi-Vitimans..lol i think that should do it don't you? When i was on Clomid it only took 2-3 months the most and i was pregnant..so it works on its own let me tell u.. Has anyone had any success with only taking "Metformin?


MONIQUE - March 16

Frances can you tell me more about yourself like if you took anything like clomid or prometrium. i to have really irregular period Ive been on prometrium and just finished my first round of clomid 50mg bt nothing happend doc said that when i go for my ultrasound friday if nothing happend he'll up my dosage


Frances - March 17

Monique, No fortunately i didnt have to take anything, but I did ask my Doc and she said because i'm 23 to hold off on any fertility drugs. Let me know if i can help you with anything else. Good Luck on your ultrasound!


TIM - March 17

Yes, I have become pregnant,my doctor perscibed me metformin and clomid and I am now 19 wks. good luck



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