PCOS can anyone help
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TIM - March 17

Yes, I have become pregnant,my doctor perscibed me metformin and clomid and I am now 19 wks. good luck


monique - March 17

thank you frances and good luck ill keep you posed.and congrats tim


Kerri-Lynn - March 17

Hello TIM
you took both "Metformin" and "Clomid" together...i am not taking both i am only taking Metformin by itself... i just wanted to know if anyone has had any success with only taking Metformin only not with another fertility drug. please let me know.. thank-you


Kerri-Lynn - March 17

Oh sorry one more thing... whoever has had success while taking Metformin let me know how long it took you to get pregnant also..so i know ruffly how long it will take me /..lol thanks


N - March 18

Hi Kerri-Lynn! I became pregnant during the second month of taking 1000mg of Metformin. I have had no side effects from the med either like some women report! Good Luck to you!


erica - March 18

i want to get pregnant but have pcos


Kerri-Lynn - March 18

WOW,Congrats N... i wonder if 850mg of Metformin will work in the same amount of time..i hope so:D i will soooo happy..how about anyone else? Has anyone else had much luck on Metformin only and if so how long did it take you? i want to knwo from everyone that has taken Metformin by itself and not with another drug. Thanks


BabyTiger - March 18

I'm 37, have PCOS-- and 5½ weeks pregnant! Had 2 unsuccessful IUIs. However, got lucky on first IVF try!!! Now I'm enjoying the experience of all the symptoms!!! Sore ( . ) ( . ), nausea, sleepiness--all of them!! Coz they all mean I (finally) have something in there!


monique - March 19

starting my second round of clomid in 10days my dosage was up to 100mg i also have to take provera to bring on my menstral. the doc also gave me a prescription for metformin 500mg tabs 1 in the am 2 in the pm this will be my first time on it can someone tell if they went trough the same thing and if it works


Kerri-Lynn - March 21

i started the metformin on Saturday March 19th 2005 was really sick for the first couple of days and today i feel better.. Wanting to know how many of u actually had success in getting pregnant on this metformin and how long it took u too.


Kerri-Lynn - March 21

ooops..forgot to tell u i am am taking 850mg twice a day


Veronica - April 13

Hi! Sara I have PCOS and I did become pregnant while takin metformin only in Sept 2004, however I had a miscarriage about 6 weeks. Now I'm tryin again. I started the metformin in Feb at 1000mg. Now my doctor up my dosage to 2000mg. So we will see what happens. I wish you and myself luck and just hang in their it well get rough but it is well worth it at the end of your battle.


Kerri-Lynn - April 14

I have been on Metformin since March 18th 2005,I REALLY hope it works for me,my fertility doctor seems to think it will...FINGERS CROSSED! I am on 850mg twice a day,went for my HSG DYE TEST today and my fallopian tubes are not blocked which is awsome..8 yrs ago i took Clomid and got pregnant with twins 3 months into the treatment:D now my twins will be 8yrs on May 31st :D..So i am preying that i have luck with this Metformin treatment.


Tracy - October 2

I have PCOS and my wonderful husband and I have been married for 2 yrs and want to start trying. I've been off the pill since May and still haven't had my period... which isn't abnormal for me... I have had ultrasounds to monitor my cysts and to add insult to injury I have regular PCOS cysts and a dermoid cyst on my right ovary that seems to be growing. I go for an MRI on Monday to check out my ovaries but my doctor said that I'll likely need to have the dermoid cyst removed. Which scares me!!! I am 29 and quite heavy. I try and try to lose weight and I really eat VERY well but I only seem to gain weight, not lose it. Even going to the gym didn't help. Does anyone have experience with surgery to remove a cyst and then had a successful pregnancy? I have done a lot of research and I am sure that they'll start me on Metformin first of all. I go to see a fertility doctor later in October for the first time. Any words of encouragement would be welcomed! My husband and I would make great parents and I'm very scared this will never happen for us.


Kerri - October 2

Hi Tracy...I haven't had any experince with having a cyst removed...but I know what you mean about the PCOS and weight gain. I could work out and eat a salad and just look at a friend who is eating a brownie and gain weight---so frustrating! Daily exercise is a part of my life now! We were ttc for 9 months-found out at 7 months that I had PCOS and dh had low sperm. I ovulated occassionally on my own---here's the hope...I'm now 5 weeks pregnant on our own...and I began taking Metformin after ovulation occured. So it can happen...hang in there!!!!


NORA - October 4

Hi kerri I just found out that i'm pregnant after trying for 3 years. Dr. Put me on clomid and metformin 2 weeks ago and I'm not supposed to get my period for 3 more days(normally I'm 5-10days late) But I only spotted for one day. Went to the dr. today and pregnancy test came out positive. I was in shock, shaking you name it every emotion went through my body. My dr. told me to stop taking metformin but I'm afraid to loose my baby. Can you please give me some advice on what your dr. told you about metformin. My dr. is not a big help to me at all. I read about alot of people staying on it. Are you still on it? I look forward to getting some advice. Thanks and baby dust to all.



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