partial mole pregnancy
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DLS - April 18

I had a partial mole pregnancy and had a miscarriage. Has anyone out there had the same thing and can I expect to have a normal pregnancy next time? Ive had to wait seven months before its safe, and now I cant seem to conceive.


Celeste - April 26

I have the same question. I just found out two weeks ago that I had a partial mole and I am about to start my weekly hCG testing. I am upset about the length of time that I will have to wait before trying to conceive again. Although, most things that I have read make it seem that a normal pregnancy after the waiting period will be very possible.


Shawna - April 27

Back in 1995 I had a molar pregancy, Full not partial. I went through all that i was supposed to do and a year to the date , my husband and i concieved our daughter.


Tiff - September 28

I am so sorry. I went through one 2 mo. ago. I know you pain. My best friend and I planned our preg. together and were 4 days apart. All of my research states that the odds of it happening again are less than 1%. It is very important that you weight at least 6 mo. before we try to get pregnant again. 1. The have to monitor our blood levels and make sure that all of the mole is out of our bodies, we don't want to have it attack our next baby. 2. The "free radicals" left over from the mole can reside in other parts of the body ie lungs and kidneys. The HCG levels ar the only way to detect these radicals. If you are pregnant again they will assume that the HCG are from the new pregnance not the free radicals. The after you deliver, they can see the radicals, which more than likely can turn into a cancer. Your baby might be fine, but all those mo. with no treatment for you can be deadly. Here is what got me through, most people have to weight 3 mo, after a miscarry...we have to weight 6 mo. ( forever when you want a child) but what is 3 more mo. of I can have a perfect beautiful child for 40+ yrs.



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