Ovulation test
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rebecca - August 2

if you test positive for those ovulation test does that mean you are really ovulation cuz i took one and it had to line then i took one 2 days later and there was only one line so doe that mean i am ovulationg like i should be


KellyN - August 2

Hey, I actually know the answer to this...The line shows up when a certain hormone in your system peaks (LH, I think?). The LH rises to a level that will make a line show up 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. I see a faint line usually about two days before I ov, then I see a dark line the day before ov. Then the day of ov, there is only a faint line. I do not see a line any other time than this. Some women see a line all through their cycle, but its only when you get a really dark line (darker than the other line) that you know you are 24 to 36 hours away from ovulation. I love these tests, together with taking temps, its really clear when I ov'd. -kelly


rebecca - August 2

well if i test with 2 lines does that mean i am defanitly ovualting


f - August 3



Lena - August 3

An OPK simply tells you that your body has had an LH strike. Typically this triggers an FSH strike. Both LH and FSH are necessary for ovulation, but sometimes this doesn't always happen. The only way to know for sure if you ovulated is an u/s both before and after the event, or a progesterone test 8 days after the perceived event.


D, - August 3

No, not if you the line weren't as dark or darker than the control line. The other thing to keep in mind is that you can get an LH surge but still not release an egg. Which means that you can get a positive OPK but not actually ovulate. I wouldn't worry about this unless you have reason to believe that you don't ovulate. Do you chart? Like Kelly, I use them along with charting. The OPKs tell you when you might expect to ovulate and the chart tells you whether or not you did. Also, I ovulate 12 hours after I get my positive so you may wish to keep that in mind. While most of us Ovulate 36 hours after a positie OPK, some of us will do so in 12 and others as far out as 48.



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