ovulation strip question...
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xeneise - April 3

hi everyone I just ordered the ovulation strip kit... I was wondering, once I get the positive... do I need to be with my partner right away or wait 24 hrs??
I got them on babyhopes.com....and another question I want to know if they actually work.. hope you can help!!


babyloves2play - April 3

Hi, I ordered the opk strips from babyhopes.com also. I never could get a line to be positive on them. So I started using Answer opk strips also and compared the two. I've had dark positives on the last two days using the Answer strips but also have other signs of ovulation such as fertile cm, position of cervix, and bbt. Still no positives on the babyhope strips. They may work for you but not for me. Do you chart your temps and other fertility signs? I've come to realize that your ovulation is better pinpointed when you do. I chart at fertilityfriend.com I hope this info helps. Good luck!!! ~*~*Babydust*~*~


babyloves2play - April 3

Almost forgot, you need to bd with your husband the day you get a positive opk and I would suggest every other day until you get a BFP or af. I've ready somewhere that an egg is only viable for 12 to 24 hours and it is hard to know exactly when you ovulate and it takes sperm around 10 hours to make the journey to the egg. It is always a good idea to keep a fresh supply of spermies waiting for the egg. ~*~*Babydust*~*~


xeneise - April 3

thanks a lot!


isa - April 3

I tried the strip ones and never got + so I too went to another bread. Used the clear blue easy and also like the others used cm, cp height and bbt. Now I just use u/s and b/w as I"m doing iui's. The cheap ones never seem to work for me.



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