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pregoplease - October 18

I have been off birth control since the end of july and have been trying to get pregnant. I have been feeling like i havent been ovulating since then. I took some ovulation tests this month and still no sign of ovulating. I'm on day 25. My cycles have been around 36 days or so. I'm super confused. Is it possible that the tests are wrong? although i havent had any other symptoms. Will the doctor even do anything for me if i go? i'm so sad...i just want to have a baby! any advice would be great!


lovemy3 - October 18

If yuo are on cd25 and your cycles are longer than 36, you could still ovulate any day now and have a shorter luteal phase. you can go to your dr and have tghem run blood work and they can tell if you are ovulating or not. I'm really not to well versed in all this but most of these ladies here are experts and will help you. Good luck.


Sam How - October 19

Hi Pregoplease, Are you testing the same time every day? What my doc told me was you have to do it the same time everyday otherwise you might miss it, I had the same problem after having a miscarriage my doc arranged a 21 progestrone blood test to see if i was ovulating. But another thing you have to bear in mind that some women take longer to start ovulating after coming off the pill i might take you longer, try not to stress to much I know its hard, but stressing can make it worse.


chandellina - October 19

the tests aren't foolproof so it's also a good idea to start monitoring your waking temperature and check your cervical mucus. the day21 progesterone test will tell you for sure, but if your cycles have consistently been around 36 days make sure your dr knows and does the test around day 29 (7 days before expected af and 7 days after estimated ovulation). good luck


mgn - October 19

pregoplease, i hve been off BC for a yr and 5 mnths now and i was not ovulating regularly for some time after. i think in the last 4-5 months i hve ovulated consistently but at first it was every other month.....sometimes not all (b/c i used opks and they would come out - the when the same time the mnth before was +) so just hang in there. i know it is SO-O hard waiting. but there is a little angel waiting for you in heaven and he or she will get here when it is time. :) best of luck on your journey.


JenG - October 20

If you are over 35, just go see your OBGYN. If you are younger, then most docs will want you to try for a year. It sounds like their is some regularity in the cycles, so if you are doubting Oing, then begin to Basal body temp every morning. In a month or two you will find out if your ovulating. If your temps are erratic, then I would take your results to the OBGYN for further investigation. I was 32, temped for around 6 months showing when we BD and when I did ovulate and no success. He took us seriously and started investigating.


tkm1982 - October 21

I have also been off bcp's since july. I have endometriosis and pcos. The weird thing is, I had 2 positive OPK's the first 2 cycles with obvious egg white mucous (ovulation occuring about a week b4 my AF was due) but the last 2 cycles were completely different. My first 2 were 28 days almost to the hour, then my doc put me on Prometrium for the SLP and of course I was late last month but had {several} BFN's. Last cycle, no positive OPK (just a few dark but not quite dark enough) and a small amount of EWCM the day before my AF (which was a week late). This cycle, I had the same problems with ovulation and now I am 6 days late with another BFN on Wednesday. I even went off the Prometrium thinking I wasn't pregnant and still no AF. So, I went back on the prometrium just in case. Any ideas????


tkm1982 - October 21

Oh, I forgot to add the my doc said if I got my AF, to call and they would schedule an HSG (dye test) to check for blockages. Has anyone had any luck with an HSG? I'm also thinking, should my doc put me on Clomid???


pregoplease - October 24

I have still been testing and today's test was darker than normal, and i had mucus....so i'm hoping that i am ovulating. although, today is day 31, which cracks me up because of the fact that usually (on the pill) by now i have already started and am ending my period. We'll see what happens in a week or so when i'm expecting my period. what is Prometrium? i'm so dumb about this stuff!!


comfort - October 25

my peroid is 26 or 28 of each month.when is my ovulation day


mssnell19 - April 16

if your cycle is every 31 day when is ovulation



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