Ovulation, 2ww, and curiousity...help!
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MuzikGurl - February 27

Ok, I am now experiencing some new stuff going on with my body...here's the story: I have PCOS but, not taking any meds for it, so my cycles are very irregular. I started my most recent AF back on 1/30 and ended on 2/8 then I had nothing then spotted for two days on 2/10 and 2/11. Dr. gave me 50mgs. of Clomid to take CD 6-10. After AF ended as well as the two days of spotting DH and I had sex up until tonight for a total of 8 times..not consecutatively though. my temps on CD21 to 23 were 97.5 and the dr. said they were too low for ovulation I did a blood pregnancy test because of horrible cramping and kept getting worse from my third day of my Clomid and kept getting worse but, found out it was neg. The very next day on CD24 my temp jumped from 97.5 to 97.9 I stopped cramping and I felt fine. CD25 it was 98.1 I was alittle gassy but that's it. on CD26 I called the dr. he told me to keep charting and to come back in on the 9th of March for a beta, that day CD26 my temp was 98.4. CD27 I started cramping really bad again and hard to stay asleep at nights, my temp was 98.1. Today CD28 my temp is 98.2 and still sleeping in 2-4 hour incraments as well as stomach muscle pains and mild cramping and starting to pee more. I was wondering after giving all the info. how long is ovulation with temps like these supossed to last, it's been 5 going on 6 days for me, and given my symptoms: gassy, peeing alot, cramping, stomach muscle pains (like I've been doing sit ups or crunches all day), mild pukey feeling, and sleeping is starting to be distrubed, my nipples have been sore lately also. There are small other bothersomes but I'm sure life in general isn't gonna be perfect. So, any thoughts on this..just curious..thanks in advance.


MuzikGurl - February 27

How quickly does my post get pushed to the bottom....ugh..it's fustrating...but no one cares...and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way...=(


Cendy - February 27

MuzikGurl, how long have you been on Clomid? I know that ovulation on Clomid was miserable. The pain was so intense, I did not want to BD at all. I am not sure how long your temps should stay up like this. I know when you are pregnant your temps stay elevated. When do you not expect your AF to come? To me you sound like this might your month. I had a beta test on cd20 and it was negative. In cd26 I got a positive with the beta and the HPT. I too was having the same kinds of symptoms that you are, but this was after 3 months being offf the Clomid. I wish you the best of luck. Keep me posted. BABY DUST


MuzikGurl - February 28

Hey Cendy, finally one answer. This is my first round of Clomid 50mgs. and I'm still having these twinges feeling like my muscles are just stretched and weird feelings. My temps are still high I'm going on 8 days I believe now. I'm CD 29 I won't see the dr. until CD 39 unless I start AF between tonight and then , that way I wouldn't know what CD it would be when I see the dr. Your symptoms you said that were similar to mine was it 3 months of already being pregnant you started getting them or did you stop clomid and didn't get the symptoms until 3 months later but, during those 3 months before the symptoms appeared did you have AF? Are you regular? I'm definately not at all. One cycle was 76 days and this past one was only 25 days...so, like I've mentioned to someone else on here God knows how long my next one will be...hoping AF doesn't come and pg. test is pos. March 9th is when I see the dr. for my beta...I never had one...what is a beta exactly? Let me know...and thanks again for responding. BTW, are you pg. now?? how far are you if you are??? if not, sorry and best of luck to you.


bump - March 1




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