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JENZEY - March 5

I'm on Clomid cycle #1. My doctor told me I haven't ovulated in years since my cycles are so irregular. So I don't know what ovulation even feels like. I'm suppose to be ovulating this weekend because I had an ultrasound yesterday & I had 1 follicle 21x18. I've noticed the stretchy egg white discharge & I have abdominal cramping when I touch my abdomin. I did an ovulation test this morning but it didn't show that I am ovulating. I'm so confused, what am I suppose to go by my ovulation symtoms or the ovulation test? Any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.


JENZEY - March 5

I took another ovulation test this morning.....& nothing....I'm so depressed. My doctor told me I should be ovulating saturday, sunday & monday. I guess this means my 1st cycle of clomid didn't work & I won't ovulate at all. I'm suppose to have my progesterone blood test done next saturday. So I'll find out then If I o'd or not. I heard some of you saying you can o late...does this mean I might o later this week even though my doctor told me my follicle was mature enough & should have released this weekend? I leave for Florida next Monday & was hoping to be going on vacation with positive thoughts. *(babydust to everyone)*


Kathy - March 5

Make sure you tell your doctor that your OPK was negative. He/She may up your Clomid dosage. Try to go on vacation with positive thoughts. It is not over. Goodluck and have FUN on vacation.



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