OVK how dependable are they???
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annie - September 14

this month after a year of ttc I decided to try clear blue ovk. I have always thought that I did ovulate due to a lot of egg white cervical mucus present for 3 days in middle of my long 35 day cycle. However, having used the kits there was no sign of my ov at this time. It just seems that every stick I pee on gives me disapointng results. How dependable are these kits? can you have fertile mucus and not ovulate. My AF is also reguar? thanks


Anna - September 14

annie, I used the generic OPKs and did get a +++ with the CVS brand. I used to think they were a waste of time, but the day I gave in and decided to buy another box and continue testing, I got a +++. I, also, got the ewcm for about three days when I was O'ing. It helps to keep the ones you use during your testing time to compare. That's what I did and that helped me to figure out my +++ one. I, also, have very irregular cycles and didn't even know if I was O'ing. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm five weeks PG now and knowing when I O'ed was the biggest help! Good luck!


Cendy - September 14

I would suggest trying getting the Answer Ovulation Predictor Kit. It has 20 test strips and costs about $20. I would test twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. The reason for twice is that I have found that I miss it when i test just once in the evening. I hope this helps you.


annie - September 14

thanks for your replys, I will try using 2 a day next month, and big congratulations Anna!!x



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