over stimulation
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Shelly - May 22

Has anyone ever had over stimulation of their ovaries on clomid and told to cut their clomid in half? My doctor wants me to take 25mg of clomid instead of 50mg because he thinks my ovaries got too big and that was why I had huge cysts.


Jennifer - May 23

Shelly, I was on clomid in may and july of 2000. I was on 50mg as well and the same thing happened, mine was so bad that I had cysts that actually ruptured, I was very sick and was actually rushed to the emergency room to the triage unit and had to have a catheter put in me because I was not going to the bathroom, That was left in for a week, I felt like I was going to die, it hurt to walk on my own two feet. It took me a month to recover from that, I was out of work that whole month. My doctor skipped June but than in July put me on 25mg, I had the pharmacy cut them in half becuase I was so afriad that I would not cut them exactly in half and I did not want to go through that again. But guess what even with 25 the same thing happened to me so here I am been trying to conceive for 6 yrs now but I can't take any fertility pills becuase my ovaries are so sensitive to any kind of stimulation. I am just telling you of my experience, there is nothing wrong with being put on a 1/2 pill, it's just in my case it did not work. Good luck!!!!!!!!


Shelly - May 24

Thank you so much for your response. I hope the 25mg does not do that to me again. It really hurts!



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