Ovarian Cysts (any advice would be helpful)
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Dee - August 24

Can they affect your fetility? My period had been messed up since february/march. I went to the ER for bad menstral like pain. And was told I had cysts on my ovaries. And one had burst on me. I mean wasn't serious enough to operate.


CambridgeKate - August 24

Do you know if you have PCOS? Check out www.soulcsyters.net (or google PCOS) for more info. Good Luck.


eb - August 24

Ovarian cyst can hurt your fertility. I just had a hsg after ttc for 13 months. Both of my tubes are blocked and I was told it was most probably due to cyst rupturing and causing scar tissue. I had up to 4 cyst at a time. I would really reccomend seeing your gyn, b/c if your not ttc birth control pills can help cyst not form.


Peggy - October 20

Try reflexology for the cysts and infertility too. You won't be disappointed!


shena - October 20

I too have this problem.The exact same thing happned to me.I dont know all i know is i have been ttc for 5 months now.


patty - October 21

same thing for me---i suffer from cysts that come and go....ttc for 6 months-with nol uck !!!! it is so sad that every month i pray and hope that it would be the lucky month for us --but nothing- i am 30 yrs olf- i think it is time i go see my dr. about what is REALLY going on !


Terri - October 22

I had cysts on my ovaries. they were chocolate cysts (blood filled) due to endometriosis. It was very painful during my period and finally so bad i hyperventilated. I had surgery not long after to remove the cysts and endo. It has been almost 2 years since surgery and still ttc.


Kristie - October 22

I had a cyst rupture in 2000 on my right ovary. Then in 2002 I had to have my left ovary and tube removed and scar tissue as well as fibroids removed, in 2003 the scar tissue was back and has my intestines, uterus and other organs in a blob.I was told I had Endom. I was going to have surgery to remove all of this in the past year but never could find the time to take off work. It is very painful especially during ovulation. I found out on Sept 14, 2005 that I am pregnant I am 34 years old and have a 13 year old daughter. We have been ttc for years and nothing so we just figured with all my complications it was useless. A week after I found out I was pregnant I went to the Dr. because I was hurting on the one ovary that I have left and spotting a little bit. The Dr. said with my history of scar tissue and other stuff he was going to consider this an eptopic preg. until he done an u/s so the next day we had it done and the baby is in my uterus doing fine but he said I have a cyst on that ovary and fibroids on my uterus. I feel fine now no spotting and I hear the babys heart beat everyday with one of those dopplers. I am shocked that I was able to get preg. with everything I have been through and it's been 13 years since I have been pregnant. One thing I can tell all of you is try not to be under alot of stress when ttc. I think that had alot to do with me and the reason I say that is because I do have a cyst on my ovaryas well as one ovary and tube, and fibroids. So keep trying good luck I know that it's possible.



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