OV-Watch, anyone tried it?
2 Replies
sharerc - February 23

My OB keeps pushing this OV-watch so I finally bought it today. Has anyone used it before?


mommy2josh - February 23

I was also wondering if it works. I saw it on some show, like 60 minutes or something. Looks really cool, but so expensive I am afraid to spend the money. I hope you will share your OV watch experience with us. When are you supposed to receive it? How long have you been ttc? Good luck to you.


sharerc - February 23

I should get it tomorrow. I did a 2 day delivery. It was $200 for the watch and 3 months. I figure I can sell it to someone if it works for me. I've been TTC for almost 12 months now. I did get pregnant and have a miscarriage within that year though.



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