OPK's and PCOS
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hopefulljules - May 17

I read in another forum that OPK's don't work for women with PCOS. I just wanted to know if that's true, and if so, why they don't work for us? I don't ever have af unless I'm on meds, so I was so ecxited last month to have af ALL BY MY SELF! So I was using the OPK's at the designanted time, but it always came up negative. I know that because I have PCOS I really might not have O, but I thought maybe I could and just not know it if the test didn't work for me?


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 17

they dont work often because we always have a constant LH surge. I have been on metformin which helsp with your hormone/insuline levels


hopefulljules - May 18

I just started taking Metformin yesterday! How long have you been on it? On the Metformin, did you get af? Did you get bfp? I really hope it works for you and I both! Keep me posted and GOOD LUCK!


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 18

I have been on Metformin 1000mg Since November 1st 2005. I have gotton a period every month since, had a chemical preg in jan, I had a progesteron test yesterday showed i haven't ovulated yet, So we will just have to try again next month. ..Still hopeing for that bfp. It may take a bit to get your af, when i started I didn't get af until december 24th, and i started the meds november 1. since then, mine average 28-31 days.


hopefulljules - May 20

Bubbles, I have been on Metformin 4 days now, and I feel very lucky that I haven't had any of the ugly side effects some people have, but I need to know something. Will my taking it hurt a baby if I get Preg? I had a/f about a week or so before I went to the dr, and I used the opk and it was (of course) neg. but now I've been really tired and peeing alot more, so I was thinking maybe I did O and I just didn't know and and now being on the Metformin is a waste? I don't kow what to think now! I know the dr. ran some test on me when she have me the Metformin, but I don't know if a preg test was one of them! Should I call or what!



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