opk and temp question
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Gracie - August 13

I have a couple things I am confused about if any of you can help me out. FF told me I o'd on cd 48 so now I am 14 dpo and it says I should test. My temps have been above the coverline all but twice but not near as high as some other charts. Is your temp supposed to jump right away higher or how long after o. Also on opk even after you o is it stange to still get +opk. I have heard that you can have mini lh surges in the same cycle. Has anyone had this before? TIA


slowpoke01 - August 14

i have heard that you can get a +opk when you are pregnant is that what you are talking about? also if you are 14dpo you are suppossed to have 18 temps that are above coverline before you can assume that you are pregnant so if you have 18 temps above coverline then go ahead and test cause chances are that you are pregnant



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