On Dostinex and Different BBT Charts
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Renee - July 25

Has anyone started Dostinex and noticed that their BBT charts changed? i.e., pre-ovulation temps higher than usual ??


Amber - July 25

Hi Renee,
I am on Dostinex and am thinking about charting my BBT but I haven't started yet. My cycles are regular (28 days) and I ASSUMED that I was ovulating on the 14th day...but I bought those ovulation strips and it isn't showing that i am ovulating yet and I thought it would have been yesterday or today. Now I am confused and wondering when ovulation begins for me!! That's why I am thinking about charting my temp....I think I need to research it a bit more first.


renee - July 25

To Amber - you should chart your BBT because your high prolactin might have been delaying your Ovulation and therefore you were not O'ing on CD 14. Turns out I was ovulating on CD 18 and having my period on CD 28 every month -- ttc 2+ years .. how long have you been on Dostinex? I need to get those ovulation strips - but they are expensive, aren't they? I use the Ovulite microscope (cheaper!!) ...thanks for answering!


Amber - July 25

Hi Renee - I have been on Dostinex going on 3 months now. I recently visited the Endrocrinologist and had a million and one tests done and my prolactin came out perfect along with all other "baby" related hormones. But from what I read a woman can O anytime between day 12 and day 18. After work today, I tried another strip and still nothing......so I have tried day 12 - 15...I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens. That's my last strip...and you are right - they are expensive!!!! $40 for 5 strips...and that was on sale! lol Ohhh the things we'll do to figure out our bodies, eh!?! If nothing eles, I can honestly say that I have learned sooo much about the female cycle and problems associated with it!! :)) What is the Ovulite microscope?? I haven't heard of that before...?


REnee - July 29

Amber --- the microscope is pretty cool, you put a little saliva on it everyday and look in it. While you are in your fertile phase, you will see "ferns" on the scope ... they will get bigger and more as you approach ovulation then they will disappear after. I like it ... it helps and its cheap!! OVULITE - got it at Walgreens! Good luck!!!



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