On Clomid, No Period, Neg Preg Test
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Heather - June 27

Hello All… I’m hoping someone can help me, my periods are extremely irregular so my Dr. put me on Provera to force my period, about a week after I took the last Provera pill I got my period for the first time in over 1 year… 3 days after I got my period I went on Clomid. My husband and I ttc and it didn’t take so I got my period again (2 months in a row, never happened before). 3 days after my period I started my 2nd cycle of Clomid. My period should of come a week ago (around June 20). Today is June 27, and still no period. I had an appointment with my Dr. last Thursday (June 23) and he checked me for cysts and said that everything seems ok as far as that’s concerned. I brought him my bbt charts to view and he said that by the looks of my charts and because my temperature has dropped in the last week, he said that I should be getting my period any day (that was on Thursday). He gave me a form to get blood work done for a preg test and said that if I didn’t get my period by Monday (today) then I am to go get the test done. I took a hpt and it was negative. Even thought my temp has dropped could I still be pregnant? He also said that when my blood test comes back negative that I will have to go back on Provera and start all over again. Why did this happen?? I’m so bummed out right now all I want to do is cry….. I feel completely hopeless, not even on medication is my period regular, I guess this means that I didn’t ovulate and that could be why I didn’t get my period? I don’t know anymore!!…Please give advice…. Lord knows I can use it right now. Thanks for listening (reading)..H.


Heather - June 27



Suzan - June 27

Hi Heather, I don't really no if I have any advice to give you but I feel that you need some positive words. I have read on here a lot of people that have done pregnancy test that came up negative, maybe that's what your going through. Go for your bloodwork and see if that comes back positive. I myself are in the same battle you are in, I really want to conceive but I am just starting out on clomid and I have just ended my first cycle. I am praying for you that your test comes back positive. I know how that hopless feeling is. So people have done 4 hpt and they were all negative, some people have even been told by their doctor they weren't and they ended up being pregnant. Keep a positive mind and if it doesn't turn out the way you would like then just keep on trying. (trying is fun too.) I will wish and hope for you to come back positive. Good luck!


Heather - June 27

Thanks Suzan...I will try to keep positive for a positive. Good luck to you as well, God Bless!


hayley - June 28

heather i am going though the very same thing but doctors will not help me so it is a gud that they are helping u i have to wait to see my genyo all i can say is keep your chin up all gud things happen to the ones who wait i wish u all the best gud luck



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