Not pregnant after trying for 8 months
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TooShyToTell - October 29

Not really sure how to phrase my title question. Basically, I've been trying to get pregnant for 8 or 9 months. The issue is I am not sexually active with my husband. I am not exactly sure why. So we only have sex when after I receive a positive notice from the ovulation kit. In a nut shell, we tried once or twice a month for the past 8 or 9 months.

My question is how many times do people have sex for those of you who are successfully pregnant through the natural way?

I don't have too many female friends that I could really confide. I put in 12 hours Monday - Friday working my husband's business, trying to build it successfully. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


get busy!!!! - October 29

you better get busy girl!!!


P - October 30

The question is can your DH make love to you during your ovulation period?? So if u start having fertile discharge and ovulate 6 days later..If he can make love like 3-6 days it would be good..


H - October 30

I have read that your dh should not go longer than a week without ejaculation. It effects the quality of his sperm. I would do it every other day for the days before and after o. I would also look into the reasons why you guys are not sexually active.


Someone - October 30

Don't feel alone, thier are many of us on here in the same situation. I have been TTC for nearly 11 months and been unsuccessful this far except my situation it a little different from yours. Me and my DH have plenty enough sex before, during and after ovulation that I would think that I would have conceived by now especially being as I have conceived 3 times from the same man, but 2 ended in M/C so I don't know they say it only takes once,but in my opnion I think it is a little more complicated than that.If I were you I would at the least try to have sex 3 times a week the doctor says that 3 times a week is fine when TTC and to have sex starting 3-5 days prior to O'ing and have sex the day of so that the sperm will already be therewhen your egg is released to increase your chance since the egg can not survive as long as sperm.Please don't think I am rude for asking, but why do you not have sex w/your husband? Depending on the reasons that is something that you 2 might need to seek counsiling on it just isn't healthy for a relationship to not enjoy the act of love making.Best of luck to you !


TooShyToTell - October 30

Thanks for responding, everyone. I might sound stupid but, what is DH? I think I get the right idea by reading the context of the message but I just want to be sure. I also like to further clarify about the ovulation period. I have been using the ovulation kit (I think it's Clear Blue). I read the instruction and it says that one would start ovulating 24 hours after a certain results is produced by the kit test. So I've been using that as a basis to start "get busy". Am I incorrect in my assessment?


H - October 30

Dh is your dear husband. I think the ovulation tests help but also look for egg white cervical mucus.


mckenzie - October 30

i've been off the pill for 8 months now. i thought it would take a few months but not this long am starting to get very worried now but am still trying. good luck to everyone


TooShyToTell - November 1

Hi Someone, thanks for encouragement. I don't mind you asking about the frequency of our sexual activity. I don't even know why...that's a mystery that I am trying to encover. We've been through counseling but nothing fruitful even came of it. I guess I can honestly say that I am just not interested sexually. I don't think about that at all...which is weird. It's bizarre and not knowing kills because DH (thanks to Mckenzie I now know the terminology) is very frustrated with this. :(


Beth - November 1

Hey! I have the same problem. My husband and I hardly ever BD. He's just not that interested. Hopefully, through our counselling we'll be able to figure out why. Mostly it's because he's in a lot of pain, but when he's not, I can't understand why he wouldn't want to!


T - November 1

So far we don't have that problem....My Sex Drive is very high....the only problem i am having is a lot of times i love to take it in my mouth and ttc i have to control myself...some times i use the 1st one for ttc and the next one in my mouth....


To: T - November 1

Too much information!!!


T - November 1



It's okay - November 2

T don't say your sorry.....if you feel like you want to share please do so...there is alot of people that probably feels the same.....sometimes things others deal with helps those who scared to speak out...we are adults and we are working together to try and make us some babies......Baby Dust



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