No ovulation cramps..could I be pregnant
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Heather1 - May 5

I have been TTC for a year now. I have been using an O kit for the last 4 months. Ihad an LH surge on 4/30/05 and O on 5/2/05. I always have cramping on the left or right side. This month so far no cramps. Is this a good sign or bad? Could I be pregnant???


JEWLZ - July 14

I actually thought the same thing was happening to me last month. Had no ov cramps 4 the first time.. then af came. I guess the body tricks you sometimes. ESPECIALLY when ur trying


chrissy - July 14

It could be a good and bad sign, Im not sure. I would just take a test when ur period is due so u know for sure!! GOOD LUCK & BABY DUST TO ALL.........



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