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isa - June 28

Good luck Amanda with your hcg results tomorrow!!


Toni - June 28

Checking in.


Toni - June 28

Can't wait to hear Amanda's numbers!!!


isa - June 28

checking in again for Amanda's news.


amanda78 - June 29

Thanks Toni and Isa! I got my numbers back late yesterday afternoon and they were 240! The dr. said that looks great. I go back on 7/12 for my first ultrasound. I'll be 6 weeks then. I've been in and out of the hospital with my grandfather. He had heart surgery a few weeks ago and he went back to the hospital with a blood clot earlier in the week. They discovered then that he also needed a pacemaker so they did that surgery on Tuesday. It's been wild here! Hope everyone is doing well!


isa - June 29

Amanda sorry about your granddad but hopefully your good news will give him that extra quick pull through. I am so happy your numbers are so great. Take it easy, try to stay as relaxed as possible and let that little bean grow.


Tonya1 - June 29

Amanda, Congrats, girl!!!! That is such great news about your #'s....Hope things get better with your Grandpa....Toni, how is Jilly these days? Isa, how are things going your way?


isa - June 30

Tonya, I"m doing well but confused about my ovulation day. Fertility friend said after todays data I ovulated on tuesday but my opk was neg on tuesday and has been +'ve 2x's wed, 2 x's thursday and +'ve again this am. It must only go by temp. Wed morn I woke up hot so after it said I ovulated Tues. I discarded Wed's temp and then it took away my ovulation. I've only once ever continued to use opk's after a +ve and after 2 days it went neg. Now its been 3 days +'ve which to me is weird but I have to throw the cannister out when I am done due to dates and instructions so I figured I might as well use them all up. Cm has been eggwhite for a long time (normal for me starting around cd 6 or cd8 and thins out as it gets closer to ovulation) and cp has been in the med height, and open for 5 days. It's cd14. I think probably ovulation day was yesterday but its only a guess as I dont get ovulation cramping now that I'm off fertility meds. Oh well we'll just wait and see. We've been bd'ing just incase. Hows yours going this cycle? I hope Lee is ok and gettting HOPE. Amanda how you feeling, has is sunk in yet?


Becky - July 2

Hello, We are back now. Vaction was not that good. It rain the entire time we were there. We did go to dinsey and got soaked. Amanda Congrats!! I have not been feeling well have another UTI.


isa - July 2

Becky I am so sorry your vacation was not a good one and you ended up with a UTI. Is it caused by stress? I hope you can unpack and enjoy the last few days of the long weekend. We're here if you need to vent.


Toni - July 2

Amanda that is great news! Please stay as relaxed as possible. Can't wait for your sono now. Becky I am sorry your trip was rained out like that! Hey Tonya, Jillian is doing great. Her jaundice is completely gone and she has gained 4 ozs in a week. All of her measurements are in the 25th percentile so she is tiny. So much for that giant baby I was supposed to have! Isa I never had much luck with the opks. Still wondering where Lee is. If you guys don't hear from me for a few days, it's because we are having internet problems. Hope you guys are having a good weekend. Happy 4th!


isa - July 4

all is well just checking in.


christyRN - July 5

Hi girls. CONGRATS AMANDA!!!!! You must be so excited! Toni, my due date according to the last day of my period is dec 27. However i ovulate early and according to my us it is dec 22. This is the best christmas present ever! Isa, the re found stage 1 endometriosis during my lap. He said most people have small amounts of it and it was not a cause of my infertility. He also saw that more than 50% of my uterus was scarred from my 2 previous c-sections. He said again that it may hinder my chances of getting pregnant but definately not the cause. he cleared both things up by laser and i was pregnant almost immediately! I believe those things were definitely my issue. What did I do differently? I was sure i still wouldn't get pregnant so I think I didn't stress over it as much. I told myself we would only have sex once or twice around ovulation and forget it. A few days later i even went gambling with my girlfriends and had a few drinks which i would normally never do while trying. I literally told myself i wasn't going to let this control my every thought and move. I wanted to feel normal again and just have fun. It worked! Oh, we also bought a new home which came with a lot of distractions. I was so tired of people telling me to "just relax" and it would happen. They don't know what its like. Have you had a lap? I am convinced that was my cure all. ***baby dust***


amanda78 - July 5

Hi everyone! Hope all is well with everybody. Isa-have you heard back from the doctor or are you still on the cancellation list? I hope they can get you in early and give you some answers. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I am still a little nervous about the u/s next Wed. I'm trying to remain positive. I know that stressing about it will only make matters worse. Baby dust to all!


isa - July 6

hey Christy thanks for you info. I have not had a lap and do not want one. I was scared off by some things I have read and unless the doc things I need one and he doesnt I do not want the risk. I have enough medical issues that are non ttc related and don't need it to possibly make matters worse for me. Amanda, my appt is Friday afternoon so I guess noone has cancelled. Unfortunately people that have reviews with this doc never seem to cancel. Oh well only 2 more days. I'm still so unsure about what he is going to say. I just hope whatever he says its fixable if I get pg. I've been trying to relax more this month and I've been enjoying the nicer weather, going out for patio drinks and forgetting all about ttc. Lets hope eventually it works for me.


Becky - July 6

Hello, Congrats Christy. I also believe that I got pg with my dd from my lap that I had. I was pg with in a month after the lap. I did have a 2nd lap to clean the scar tissue out and I didn't get pg the 2x. My uti got worse it went into my kidneys and I couldn't keep the meds down. I had to be in the hospital for 2days with IV's. I am feeling better now.


Toni - July 6

hey guys, i'm back. i am typing with 1 hand so bear w/me!!! all is well here. becky, so sorry about your uti. i know those aren't fun. amanda i was a nervous wreck for my 1st sono too. i was worried nothing would be there. you will feel so much better after it's over. then you will know you have a great chance of going all the way! isa can't wait to hear what they tell you. christy i hope you are feeling good.



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