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Toni - July 6

hey guys, i'm back. i am typing with 1 hand so bear w/me!!! all is well here. becky, so sorry about your uti. i know those aren't fun. amanda i was a nervous wreck for my 1st sono too. i was worried nothing would be there. you will feel so much better after it's over. then you will know you have a great chance of going all the way! isa can't wait to hear what they tell you. christy i hope you are feeling good.


isa - July 6

Hey Toni, by this time tomorrow I will have answers (good or bad, fixable or not)- I'd rather know than not know even if it isnt good news, the waits been a killer. I'm sittin on cd20 today so I'm hoping if I happen to be pg this cycle whatever he has to say will be fixable.


Becky - July 6

Isa good luck tomorrow I hope you get some good answers. Toni how's Jillian sleeping for you now?


isa - July 7

thanx Becky I'm on my way now.


Toni - July 7

Isa I can't wait! I am praying for good news for you. Becky, Jillian is a typical baby. She is getting up about 2x a night and staying up for about an hour. Then during the day we have a bigger awake time in the morning and then naps off and on all afternoon. I am remembering how challenging it is to have a shower and get everyone off in the morning with a newborn. My hair looks like crap everyday now! Oh well, I know it will soon pass. Anyone have fun weekend plans?


Tonya1 - July 7

Ah, yes, Toni...I remember those days well...Isa, I'm anxious to hear what the dr. has to say....We may go out on the boat with dh's brother tomorrow...that's all the big plans we have this weekend...


amanda78 - July 7

Waiting for Isa's news....Everything is good here so far.


Tonya1 - July 8

hey everything okay? i'm praying for you....


isa - July 8

RE said it's probably why I havent gotten pregnant. He still recomments ivf as my possible solution but this is what the report came back saying: that 20% of the cells they tested had a single x chromosome. Female karyotype is 46xx. Of the ones they tested 80% were 46xx (normal), 20% were 45x (missing an x chromosome), meaning the result is consistent with lower level mosaicism for 45X. Mosaicism for monosmy X can be associated with clinical features of Turner's syndrome. The clinical significance of this finding is unclear because there is no clear dividing line between occasional 45X cells in normal individuals and mosaicim for Turner syndrom. The report said the proportion of 45x and 46xx cells might be diff't in other tissues and also a loss of x chromosome is also associated with the aging process in females. So in english it may or may not be why I havent gotten pregnant. Reading up on Turner's I don't have any of the signs of it (doc says only the infertility part) but my reading says those with mosaicim turner's are the only ones that can get pg naturally and its less than 5% chance and 50% result in miscarriage (I'm about that anyways at my age so not sure if that means even higher rate of miscarriage). If I got pg with a boy and the x was missing it would abort because boys need x and y to survive but If I got pg with a girl and it was missing she would end up with Turner's syndrom (skeletal abnormalities, learning disablitlies etc etc) but I could also have a pregnancy where both xx's were there and she would be fine or an xy and boy would be fine. Most often turners fetus's will abort. The form I have is very rare he said. Great to know...never did do things the easy way. Our plans. .... no different. Right now trying to destress, hope for the best and wait til the Genetics councellor calls us as RE is setting up an appt for them to talk to us. So other than it may be the cause of our infertility on my side we really have no concrete answers as the report says a loss of x can be associated with the aging process. Who knows why I have the missing chromosome and who knows if another sample might produce the same way. Doc did say that I would probably hit menapause earlier than I would normally and my egg depletion would be quicker (my fsh is already in the 12's but I'm also almost 41). I produce follies well on meds so if we do ivf it may or may not work depending on what my eggs look like so we really are no more ahead other than knowing maybe that is why we might not have gotten pg yet. He would recommend pgd (pre genetic diagnosis) if ivf and if not that (I know its very expensive) than definately an amnio at 16 weeks if I happen to get pg.


Toni - July 8

Isa can they check the embryos before they implant them for the chromosomes? Are you still thinking no to IVF?


isa - July 9

Toni they could check if we want to pay for PGD but it is thousands of dollars for that so no we could not do that. I am not emotionally/physically ready for ivf (right now I'm having my own health issues and FIL is going through serious health issues )so i'm still "on hold" with that idea. I'm hating the idea of the money cost and maybe nothing to show for it, hating all the shots/monitoring and weight gain/pain that goes with all the injections etc and I'm not ready or prepared for all that again just yet either.


amanda78 - July 9

Isa-I'm glad you got some answers. I never thought that having a baby could be so difficult! IVF is a lot of money, but who knows-since they know what the problem is now, maybe they can do something to prevent something bad happening. I don't know if donor eggs would be an option or not, but that may be a route that you could think about. You're in my prayers!


isa - July 9

Amanda from what I am reading it is not heridary but a fluke. I would never do donor egg unless for sure my eggs didnt work with ivf but then by that point there would be no money for that anyways. thanks for the thought thou. How you feeling?


Tonya1 - July 9

Isa, I'm still praying for you....that's a difficult place to be....but at least your FSH has continued to be so good, so that offers a lot of hope....I understand about the expense, time, pain & results associated with continuing with the RE....I feel the same way you do and have tried to keep myself very busy so emotionally I can move past this difficult period....We are still trying on our own....and you never know....something good may happen....:)


isa - July 9

Hey Tonya, I'm out of it for this cycle, cd 23 and temp went down again last night so I know from my own bbt'ing over the year+ that I've been doing it that af will come this month. Hope you have better luck.


Becky - July 10

Isa glad you got some answers even though it's not what you wanted. We are all pulling for you. I am in the same boat with you guys I have given up on fertility drugs. It is to expenseve and I just get so wraped up in trying to get pg and when I get a bfn I get so disappointed.



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