Never had a period and trying to get pregnant with PCOS
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Justice - March 28

I have never had a period natural and going to a specialist to try and have a period so i can try clomid and metafomin any suggestions???????


LB - March 28

Hi justice, i had just been diagnosed with pcos a few weeks ago since i had no period since january, he had perscribed me provera to bring on a period and clomid to bring on ovulation . I had a period yesterday and will be starting clomid tommorrow . I wasn't given metafomin because i don't have insulin problems but i don't ovulate regularly. All i can suggest to you is to limit your sugar and carbs, i have cut those out for the most part, it isn't easy but i say whatever helps you concieve the better. It's hard because i am such a carbaholic but it does help. Good luck and i'll keep you updated as to how clomid works.


justice - March 28

well I have never had a period all my life when i was around 16 yrs old my doctor gave me provera to have a period it did work back then I just started with a new doctor and she first gave me a lower dose of provera and nothing then double dose and nothing i had pain in lower ab and tendernous to my breast but no period. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 1 1/2 ago finally and have been to a specialist and have been thru so many test ...but due to weight problems from pcos that doctor did not want to help me get pregnant. well i just moved to nebraska and this doctor wants to help me so 2 doses later of provera and nothing i have a followup appt coming up 4apr


LB - March 28

Justice, i am glad you are finally getting some help, i don't understand why doctors sometimes go by thier own judgements rather than facts. I admit i am overweight as well and have not been told i can't have a baby til i loose weight. In fact i was pregnant last year and went as far as 6 months before i went into preterm labour and unfortunately at that stage my son was too premature to have survived. My obgyn found no reason for my preterm labour but he will monitor me closely next time, it might be due to an incompetant cervix, i had a loop procedure done when i was 20 due to some abnormal cells on my cervix, that tends to weaken your cervix and i will have to have a cerclage put in next time around. I think clomid will work for you but you won't know until you try, let me know how it goes,take care.


justice - March 28

I have all my life felt different ...for not having a period like other women. But now being older their are so many women with similar problems like mine. I hope that the doctor has another solution to help me have a period to start clomid...thanks for the info any info you have is appreciated:)


LB - March 29

Hey justice, have you ever had your thyroids checked out ? i think if you take the provera, have your "period" and start the clomid on cycle day 3-7 than that should help in getting pregnant, i don't know for sure but it couldn't hurt hey. Well i am starting tonight on clomid so i will let you know how it goes.


Justice - March 29

Well that is part of the problem I can not get my period to come on using provera for some reason now ...I have had my thyroid checked and that is fine. I know i have an insulin intolerence i was previously on metaformin so i think this new doctor will do the same


LB - March 30

Hmm that one has me stumped, it could be because you have low estrogen level and there is just not enough lining built up there to have a period. Have you tried herbal supplements, i hear soy isoflavins work well, as well as evening primrose. May i ask how old you are? Keep me updated and i will do the same, take care


justice - March 30

I am 29 will be 30 in a couple of weeks?


mommietobe - March 31

Hi everyone, just want to share my story with you. I've had PCOS for years and could not get pregnant or take birth control because of the hormones. My dh and I wanted a baby really bad and tried for 5 years and nothing happened. I started doing research on this disease and found out other woman were able to get pregnant with PCOS by losing weight. I started going to Jassercise 4 days a week and cut out almost all sugars and carbs. I went from 220lbs to 180lbs in about 3 ths. Well I thought I had the flu and kept going to the Dr. now I did miss a couple of periods but this was normal for me. I took a pregnancy test and it was neg. I waited two weeks and took another and it was positive. I had a son in Aug of 04 and I'm expecting my second this July. My second one was a very nice surprise as my periods went crazy again after having my son. Good luck to all of you, I will keep you in my prayers and hope all of you are pregnant soon! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.


kim - March 31

I have the same problems. No period, but I have also found that herbal supplements with soy in them and black cohosh does the trick for me. I once went 3 years without a period and I lost weight and started taking a supplement called New Phase and in 3 months had a period and 3 months later I was pregnant. I always suggest, eating green leafy foods and definately lose weight. Now I am not sure if it was the supplements or the weight loss but one of the two worked for me.


justice - March 31

kim, please give me more information you are the only one so far that sounds more similar to my situation...did the doctor give you provera to have a period??? I have taken 2 does so far and nothing i have recently gained back 28 pounds ..i have a doc apt in a few day s which she may put me back on metaformin i have lost weight with that before i have a insulin resistance any info you can give would greatly be appreciated


michelle - March 31

I went of bc last july/aug and got my af for 3 months then i skipped a month then after that af i didn't get af for 2 months. so my ob prescribed me the provera to induce af and also prescribed me clomid. I got my provera af on 03-02-06. Since i was always a 28 day cycle i was expecting af to appear yesturday but hasn't. bfn this morning but not w/fmu.


justice - April 1

have u ever had a period without meds?


michelle - April 1

before i was on b/c i was always reg then when i quit taking it i got it w/out anything for 3 months but not a reg cycle then i missed a month got it in dec. so in feb i went to the doc after not getting it for 2 months and she put me on the provera and clomid. I am thinking that its happening again, as today is cd 30. I've read alot of stories on the and people w/pcos have cut their carbs & sugar intake and that helps. I haven't been told i have pcos, but i think i have it.


Justice - April 6

I was diagnosed with pcos 7yrs ago when i was just fourteen. I was put on a pill called diane35 to regulate my cycles with sucess. After finishing school my bf of 4yrs and i started trying with no luck after a year i was put on provera and clomiphenei Concieved in 3 months and went on to have a beautiful little girl. We started trying for our next one straight away as i want to go to uni and still 2 1/2 years later no sucess I have tried every thing from diets to no lube taking evening primrose oil and nothing wants to work. My doctor recently told me to stop trying and thinking about it as it can put stress on you and your partner. I guess we will see what happens this cycle. It is not due to yur weight but the foods that you eat. try cutting down on all sugary and fatty foods. The docs have never had a problem with my diet or weight. Good luck!!!!!!!!


hopefulljules - April 7

Hey all! Here's my story. After I had my first period, I didn't have another one for 3 yrs, then I had then off and on, NEVER regular, and most of the time it was 1 every 4-6 months. I gained alot of weight (from PCOS) and after that I haven't been able to have a period naturally. That was 3 years ago. back then I didnt' really think anything of it, but now that I have been married a couple of years and we are wanting a family, this is a big problem. I am on a wwight loss program, but I have a feeling that alone will not do the trick. I want to go see a dr, but I don't really know how to go about it, or what the right questions are to ask or anything, but it's really nice to know I'm not alone. So many threads are about waiting for a af to come. We would be waiting FOREVER! Haha! Good LUCK to all! Sorry it's long!



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