Need Help-Serum HCG Question
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Cendy - January 6

How soon will a serum HCG test show that you are pregnant? I have read 10 days after conception. I am having one today in order to be put on antibiotics for and UIT and I want to rule out pregnancy because the meds may hurt the baby. My OPK was + on Dec 30 and we BDed a fews days prior, the 30th, and a few days afterward. So I think I would be 7 dpo. I could be wrong. Do you think it is way too early to get a positive result. My doctor seems to think we would be able to tell this early. I am confused and frusterated. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? We have been TTC for about 14 months and I do not want to mess up our chances this month, but I have to get rid of the UTI. BABY DUST TO ALL!


Mega - January 6

There aren't any "pregnancy-safe" meds you could take for the UTI? I know there are antibiotics at least that are fine in pregnancy. Has your dr researched other options for you, just in case you are pg? I would tend to agree with you, 7 DPO sounds a little too early to me too, esp. considering it could 8 or 10 days for implantation. Of course there are some pretty sensetive tests out there that can very early, but again only if you've already implanted. If there are no other drugs you can take for the UTI, can you wait til Monday or Tuesday then take the test? Anyway, I hope this helps a little. Good luck! Feel better soon.



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