NE One TTC Not Long After Having A Baby (Within A Year??)
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sherry - October 8

just wondering if iam the only one out there. it took 3.5 years to concieve our daughter, and iam 30 now, and afraid of it taking that long again, so we are not trying w/ infertility methods right now, but are doing the 'ol "ovulation time mambo" lol. who knows if we will ever get pregnant this way, but our daughter is only 2.5 months old. if we wait, we could regret it, if it took that much time again. i could be still sitting here typing a year or 2 from now, so i was wondering, if anyone else is in my boat. ttc-ing with a child 1 or under years of age?????


K - October 9

But for your second don't you know now what works for you? I would think that would be very stressful on your body (and mind) to be pregnant this soon. You are still young!!


trying - October 10

I would go for it!! We tried for about a yr with our first. So we decided shortly after to try again and conceived almost right away. they are only a yr apart and have sooo much fun together. The youngest is 4 and we have been trying for yrs and still no other children and we have thanked the Lord many many times that they have each other. I would feel really sorry for if we only had one of them, as they play together constantly. Hopefully they will have another sibling some day. I am only 29 and she is 4 already, so you can not be sure about it as it seems like lots of women are having problems conceiving now a days. Go for it!!!!



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