NE 1 Late For Af, But BFN Test?? Come on in.....
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SHERRY - October 17

iam 2 days late for af, according to my calculations, which this month could be off a day or so, but i know by now, i should have gotten a positive if i were pregnant. iam totally bummed, but i kind of wish it would just come so i can move on to the next cycle. waiting sucks, especially when you have a BFN test sitting on the counter....AGAIN!


HotRodGurl - October 17

Hi Sherry, I'm late counting today is my third day and I just took my last pg test I had and of course neg. I don't understand I have almost all the side effects, I'm nauseated, cramping a little, sore boobs mostly nipples, headaches off and on through out the day, I'm moody, I've been craving different foods, I'm irregular and I was supossed to be taking 2500 mg of metformin this month but I haven't in fact I only took 1500 at the beginning of my cycle..maybe I should ahve stayed on it. I'm scheduled for a follow up on the 25th with my ob I just know he's gonna be mad cause I stopped the pills but, I couldn't stand the side effects I was so miserable. but, i made the mistake of not eating very much while taking them and I took them all at once in the morning. Hopefully once dr. confirms I'm not pregnant then maybe I can start over and induce my period again, and up my dosage of clomid I was taking 100mgs. so, maybe I will take 150mg. or something. Anyways, I'm sorry your pg test was neg. but, so was mine..I took three on different days but they were the 99 cents store brand which I don't usually trust because you have to pee in a cup and I noticed out of the three I bought they all have a different cup would think they would make them the same, not tha makes me wonder about the test. So, if period doesn't come on by this weekend I might break down and buy a first response cause everywhere I read it's supossed to be one of the top best pregnancy test on the market as well as the most sensitive. (not to mention, kinda pricey too...where I live they are just for one test it's about 12 bucks. two is 16 bucks and 3 if you can find three in a box it's 20 something.) Walmart brand is supossed to be the next on the list so, it's not too bad it's only for one about 3 to 4 bucks. I don't think they come in multiple packs. Oh, well...what brand did you use? and how long is your usual cycle? since I've always been irregular dr. thinks my cycle is supossed to be about 30-32 days. Well, today is day 34 so, if i was it should have worked. Oh well, keep us posted and good luck! fingers crossed for both of us....*****************************



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