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rach - June 21

i am still getting stretchy mucus but i have had this for a few days now since friday when have i ovulated or hasnt it happened yet im going mad all my opk test neg


MelissaS - June 21

Hi Rach, the most fertile cm is clear and egg white. If you see egg white you normally will o within a day or two (sometimes the same day depending on the woman). I know this is REALLY gross, but the way I think of the eggwhite is more like blowing my nose with clear snot. Sorry, but that's my best way to relate it. The egg white thing didn't register all that well.


rach - June 21

yeh i know iv had it before but it hasnt come on this month yet its like jelly its kinda bit sticky at the mo. i did this calculator test and it said i was ovulating last sunday but i wasnt obviously because of the cm it wasnt right.i think the cm idea is a good one bcause its more reliable i think that might have been where i have been going wrong i have been going on dates not mucus



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