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Jennifer - June 16

Hi girls, I have been off of the site for awhile now but wanted to see what you think. As you know my ovulation week didn't go good because DH was sick but my most fertile day he was feeling better so we were able to BD. Anyway I am due to get my AF this Sat., I always at least 2 weeks prior to this have symptoms of swollen sore boobs, bloating, lower back pain, and increased appetite. Sure sounds like pregnancy symptoms but these are my PMS symptoms. Well i am only two days away from AF and I do not have one single symptom that it is even coming. What do you think this could mean.????? Baby Dust to all!!!!!!!!! :)


christina - June 16

hi glad to hear from you! well maybe this time is it! i will keep you in my prayers!


Janalee - June 17

Hi Jennifer,
I much like you have all those types of symptoms a few weeks or so before my period and I have spent so much on preggo tests, I should own part of the company!! Last month, I was one day late and I thought FOR SURE that had to mean something but it came like it always did. I hope for your sake that this is a sign that means you'll be having a lil wee one real soon, good luck!


MelissaS - (also Mel) - June 17

Hey Jennifer! Good to hear from you! My last two af's have been the same way. No symptoms at all and I had always had pg symptoms as pms before. I forgot .... are you taking clomid this month? Saturday is only tomorrow. You should test.


jennifer - June 20

Hi Mel, I just replied on another thread that was addessed to us but in case you do not see that one. No I can not take clomid even taking the lowest does possible it over stimulates my ovaries, I never want to go through that again. It was a nightmare. Well it's the 19th still no AF. But one thing I find strange is like I said before I always get sore swollen breasts 2 wks before AF, and today my boobs are sore, which today I am 1 day late for AF. I have not tested yet, but will be tomorrow if AF stays away.....


MelissaS - June 20

Well Jennifer. I'm getting excited for you. Let me know. I knew you had overstimulation, but was unsure if you were going to continue to take it or not. Good luck! ***Baby Dust***


MelissaS - June 20

Good morning girls! Hey I found another website that I LOVE and would like for you guys to join. We could have a "buddy" group there. It's Let me know if any of you are members. I find this site to be a LOT more informative and supportive. I also don't find the pettiness (or rudeness) that we have been seeing on here lately.


MelissaS - June 20

Hey girls. I created an actual buddy group for us. E-mail me at [email protected] when you register (it's free) and I will send you the link. Don't feel lik any trollers. :-)



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