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Tink75 - February 27

This is all copied and pasted from the other board I post on.......Question: OK, THIS IS THE 1ST PART OF MY SITUATION I POSTED LAST WEEKEND.....Question: OK....I had my period on Feb. 6th for about 6-7 days...nothing abnormal. Then in the beginning of last week I started having really bad headaches...then on Thursday and Friday I was really sick to my stomach....then yesterday I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I saw a glob of mucusy, brown-blood discharge; I only had that yesterday that 1 time and haven't had it since and today (Sunday) I have been kinda sick to me stomach and really gasy...sorry TMI :O/ Does it sound like there might be a chance I'm preggers? I don't know when you get implantation bleeding so any info or advice would be great...TIA :O) ..............................OK...HERE IT IS FEB. 26TH and there are some strange things going on. 2 weeks ago I figured it was ovulation I thought nothing more of for the last, I'd say, 2 days I have been VERY sick to my stomach; still not thinking anything of today I went to the bathroom and found very light-colored, light blood. My period is not due til the 7th of March...I have never bled early like this before. I am 30yrs old, have 2 kids and I'm always clock-work when it comes to my body. Is there a such thing as early-menopause? I'm so confused and scared, I'm starting to think there is something wrong, I'm going to make a Dr. appt. this coming week...any info or advise would be very helpful right now.....thanks girls :O)
OK...after "spotting" earlier in the day yesterday; I only spotted once and nothing else the rest of the day/night and I checked this morning (Feb. 27th) and still nothing, I was soooo convinced it was my period just almost a week early. Anyone have any advise or maybe just alittle insight? TIA :O) Sorry if this is all


Melissa T - February 27

Hi Tink, have you been under any stress lately, anything serious going on in your life right now? I did that once when I had a death in the family and you know how a woman thinks who is dying to have a baby, you assume that it is pregnancy, but I still would ask your doc. I think stress takes a big tole on a womans body, but the odd thing is how simular the symtoms for a period and pregnancy are, but menopause as well. Just try to relax and see what the doc says.


TC - February 27

Tink, there's just no way it's early menopause; that's my personal opinion as I am no doctor. Could be a pregnancy, but like Melissa said, stress can also affect hormones, which in turn, affects what comes out of it. Since your period is not due until around the 7th, I would just wait it out and test around The 6th if you still feel you might be PG.


Tink75 - February 27

Thanks girls for replying....I think you are completly right about the stress thing...I really didn't even consider that might be the problem. After living in the same town for 15 years, my family and I are moving 3 hours away within a month, my son has been pretty sick latley, I just lost my job, and I'm getting married this coming am VERY stressed out!!....LOL I'll keep you updated if anything else turns up....thanks again :O)


Mega - February 27

Yikes, no wonder you're stressed, Tink75--that's a lot going on at 1 time. Good luck with the move!


Melissa T - February 27

WOW! I think you need some chamomile tea or a glass of wine and your best jammies and complete silence, it will all get better, Ive ben there and done that, so cheer up your mind is playing tricks on you. We are always here to help!!


Tink75 - March 1

Thank you so much for the replies...I do think it's all because of stress; I just feel like crap. I haven't had any spotting since Sunday but I'm still real crampy and my boobs hurt sooooooooooooo bad AND I just can't get enough to eat...Gota love



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