Low beta #- looking for your stories...
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dea - July 27

Hi Everyone. Today, after 25 cycles, and 3 iui's my blood came back at 8. I have to re-test on Monday. I am looking for any information you all might have to share. Anyone end up with a healthy pregnancy even through beta number started out low?? Thanks!!


DB - July 27

How many dpo are you?? I got a bfp at 12dpo and got my beta at 13dpo and it was 25.2 which they said was low, I got another beta days later and it was 146 and a week after that it was over 8400. So, what's really important is your doubling time. If you are still very very early then 8 may be fine as long as it doubles every 2 days. (i'm almost 14 weeks now)...Good luck.


DB - July 27

sorry, that should be 3 days later, not days later.


dea - July 28

Thanks for your answer DB. Today I am 14dpo. I had a trigger shot. But, it should be completely out of my system at this point. Besides- I've had MANY BFN w/ hpt so it would have shown up on those, right?? This waiting is going to kill me. Best of luck with your pregnancy, may you and your little one be healthy!


JamieLynne - July 28

Dea - when I had my bloodwork done at 14dpo my numbers came back at 23. My re told me not to get my hopes up - by 14dpo my levels should be 75-100. I went back 5 days later and they were down to 7 - a week later less than 2. I don't mean to make you nervous but that is my story. While I waited out the 5 day wait on found a lot of info. on the internet. All of pretty much said the same as what DB said. As long as your numbers are doubling you should be ok - the actual number should not matter. I am praying that your numbers are doubling.... good luck and let us know what you find out.


dea - July 28

JAMIELYNNE: Thanks for sharing-- I didn't expect to get any kind of positive- so the fact there there is a slight chance is a bit of a comfort. All the best to you--



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