Losing hope & frustrated... :(
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MelissaV - August 30

For any of you ladies who have been to an RE, I could really use your advice. I was dx with endo a year ago, had the lap, continuous bcp, and am in my 6th month of ttc after that. It's been a total of 3 years of ttc so far. My OBGYN basically said she's done all she can do for me, so she referred me to an RE. I have an appt set up for the 5th of Sept, but their office called today, and since I don't have infertility insurance coverage I am gonna have to shell out $200 just for the consultation. (My doctor thought they'd at least code the consultation as endo, so it'd be covered, but they won't since I am ttc) DH & I can spend that for the consultation, but we are not going to be able to afford anything else at this point. Is it even worth going to the consultation? I figure he's going to want to do another HSG to check to see if my tubes were opened during the lap. Can any of you tell me about your initial consult with the RE...is it worth going to if I don't think we're going to be able to go further with testing/treatment because of the cost? And, how did you all afford the payments when insurance didn't cover anything?


thayward7 - August 30

Oh Melissa, I am sorry to hear you are in such a tough situation. I would go see the RE, then worry about the rest as it comes. Go prepared with lots of questions though - what your treatment options are, what kind of tests he would like to do... etc. I am single, and ttc on my own (using donor sperm). It has been expensive, but each cycle, I find a way to manage. I got a bank loan for the first 3 cycles. Have my credit cards maxed.... but it is what I am willing to do to have a baby. Go with what your heart tells you to do, and only worry about the now - the rest will work itself out! Smiles and Babydust.....T DON'T LOSE HOPE!


chell - August 30

melissaV sorry to hear you have had a hard time. You might see if there are any other RE out there in your area even if you live in a small town and you have to travel a little bit there may be someone else who can help you that will work with your insurance better. Don't give up!! I like you have been trying for 3 years diagnosed with pcos and endo and went through a hsg, a lap, was on lupron to rest my ovaries for 6 mo. then went on bcp for 2 mo. took FSH injections for two weeks and had two large follicles. I triggered with hcg shot to ovulate and now am waiting for pg test on 9-5!! It's been a long journey but there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us I know it!!



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