Looking for a girl
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LaLa - May 12

I have had 2 miscarriages and have 2 healthy boys. My first pregnancy ended with a misc. and then I had my first child(a healthy boy); then got preg. again and had another misc. and then got preg. again and had my youngest son. Does any one know if there is such a thing of women not being able to girls? I worry that both miscarriages I have had might have been girls. Is this silly of me to think?
Has any felt this way?


chelle - May 12

I hope this may help you a bit! My partner's mother has 9 children, she has had 2 miscarriages and one still born, she said with all of them they were girls, so she thought she could'nt have girls! But she ended up having 2 healthy girls in the end!! :) good luck to you.


Melissa - May 13

Hi LaLa, I've read that if you want a girl you should have intercourse up to 6 days prior to ovulation. If you want a boy you should have intercourse the day of. Hope that helps. :-)


MaMa - May 29

when you are having un protected sex and your guy pulled outand he had already had white suff on his dic does that mean he comed in you when you see that there


Jill - May 30

I've heard lots of stories of women who couldn't carry boys and other s that couldn't carry girls. I've also heard of men who couldn't produce quality sperm of a certain sex. Honestly, it may not be you, it may be your husband. He may not be producing sperm that's good enough to sustain a pregnancy. Talk to your doctor.


Lindy - May 30

My mom had the same problem with boys. She had us four little girls, and several late miscarriages, all boys. While in her final pregnancy she decided to have an amnio done, it was a boy! Her excitement was huge! The test also revealed that he had Down's Syndrome. She carried him to term and now she has a wild and crazy seven year old little gentleman. Well i dont know if hes a gentleman yet, ill let you know when hes a little bit older and not so worried about making his sisters crazy. (The toilet flushingand laughing while we are in the shower has to stop first :) ) But anyway, the DRs said that she might not have been able to carry a genitically normal boy. If you asked my mom, she would tell you that the boys are easier, and i know dad would agree, he wont need a shotgun then ;).



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