long enough for pre cum???
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Liz - May 29

My husband and i had unprotected sex last night for just a minute or two. Then we used condom. Could that be enough time for pre cum? According to calendar, today should be my last day for being fertile.


Jill - May 30

As soon as a man gets an erection, he starts ejaculating small drops. You could be pregnant. Do you not want to be?


Liz - May 30

Well, I do but my husband is not ready yet. He has told me though that he is considering it. What would my chances be if i was from the pre cum and by calendar it being my last fertile day?


Amber - May 30

All it takes is one little squiggly to get the job done :) There is always a chance then you have sex. Best wishes either way!


Liz - May 30

i appreciate the advice girls. thank you! I am supposed to start my period around the 5th-8th of june. that is not too far away. i will wait it out. i really do not think that i am, but when i was pregnant with my first child i did not think i was pregnant then either. i was wrong though. lol. anyhow thanks again. take care:)



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