Late BFP even with Clomid and IUI?
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hailie - June 6

Hi there, I took Clomid this cycle on say 3-7 and then had a trigger shot on cd16 (on cd14, my ob saw 24, 23, and 21mm follicles)...aunt flo was suppose to visit me yday but i'm still testing negative...anyone else here didnt get a positive till really late even on Clomid and Ovidrel? I just read about everyone getting a result before or day of af so just wondering if i am still hopeful.


slowpoke01 - June 9

hailie- i am not sure i havent heard anything about anyone testing negative but i am sure it is possible i would suggest you go to the dr and get a beta blood test they are more accurate than the urine tests


aish - June 10

hi hallie,
my nurse told me not to test as u took trigger shot and it will give false results and she told me to come on my 28 day for blood work to check whether i am preg or not. i have Af symptoms so i am crying like hell ...


greeneyedgemini616 - June 10

I would get o blood test done. I tested positive 4 days early. I had been testing every day till the test turned negative whish meant the rigger shot was out of my system then waited 2 days and got a BFP. But they just found that I am carrying triplets and that's probably what made me test BFP so early.Good Luck lets us know.


hailie - June 12

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your response...AF did come, 3 days late...I was getting so hopeful too. I dont understand how I can be "late" considering that the trigger shot was supppose to time the release....anyways, I've just started my 2nd cycle...good luck to everyone out there!


slowpoke01 - June 12

hailie sorry to hear that i know that you are really bummed out and i dont blame you i was late 1 time in my whole life about a month ago and i wasnt on any medications or anything at that time and i was 3 days late but i didnt get my hopes up because i knew it was from stressing out over having to have an hsg dye test done but i know that you were really disappointed maybe the next cycle will be it for you i thought that i was going to get hcg trigger shot but the dr now says no because i live too far away for them to monitor follicles so they are just going to wait until i ovulate to do iui and not worry about the trigger shot even though i took clomid they said that before they do the iui they may do an ultrasound to see the follicles and to see how many had matured but they may not but you keep your spirits up i know that it is hard to do but you are gonna need all the positive thought and vibes you can for this next cycle good luck to you


crystal74 - June 12

greeney, i was wondering what happened to you. wow triplets??!?!"?! that's awsome. your like a month pregnant right? write me back girl, would love to chat


hailie - June 12

We've tried "naturally" for about a year now and just started taking fertility drugs. All of the tested performed on me came out well, hsg, fsh, EVERYTHING. my hubby's has a low motility which is why we resorted to IUI to give them a head start. Slowpoke, want to share your story?



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