Kruger Morphology
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Atava - March 20

Has anyone conceived after finding a male factor problem such as low morphology.


Mega - March 20

Hi Atava. Actually yes. I'm 13 weeks pg with my first child. My DH & I both had issues making TTC difficult. I have PCOS & my DH has very low morphology. It tested anywhere from the highest of 5%, down to 0%, then up to 1%. That's when I decided no more IUIs, we would go straight to IVF-ICSIs. The first cycle didn't work, but we had several embies frozen. So I then went straight into a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) in late October 2006. It worked, kind of. We got pg but sadly it ended in a blighted ovum m/c in early December 2006. I was pretty devistated. But then I kept waiting for AF to show so I could start IVF again. But it didn't. I thought it was b/c of my PCOS, so I used Prometrium to bring on AF in January. Five days after taking the last pill AF was still a no show, which was unusual for me. So I took a HPT totally not expecting anything, but to my shock the 2nd line showed up fast & dark. So even though this baby was conceived naturally, I still doubt I'd have got pg on my own though without the IVF & IVF m/c. But yes, it can definitely happen with male factor infertility. How low is your DH's morphology? How long have you been trying? Good luck! Hang in there! It can be a tough battle, but miracles can & do happen every day.



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