ivf or insemenation
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llynn - November 8

Is ivf a last resort when trying to concieve? I know I have one tube that does not work and both are scarred, but i have a friend who has similar problems and insemenation worked for her. My specialist says ivf would be my best choice, why?


isa - November 8

As long as you have one good tube that is all you need for an iui to work but the scaring may be bad enough to not allow that to happen. The biggest issue is time, have you got the time to try a couple iui's and see if it would work? Its about $400 plus any meds he may put you on versus about $8,000 plus about $3000-$6000 worth of medication for ivf. My last ivf cycle cost in medicine alone $5800 (that didn't count the fact that I never got to the retrieval stage) so its a money thing to consider also. Have you got insurance that covers one but not the other? Look into that too. If you have coverage on the ivf I'd go to ivf. If not I'd get a full fertility work up on you and dh and then evaluate it all and perhaps try 1 or 2 iui's and if no luck go to ivf. Noone has the same problems, everyone is different. You could also get a 2nd opinion. Was your specialist an RE? (reproductive endocrinologist -specializes in fertility or just an obgyn who has an interest in fertilty? It's a huge decision to make, don't make a quick decision, learn your options (and costs) and make the best informed decision you and dh can make. Good luck in your journey.


slowpoke01 - November 8

llynn- i think that the reason that your doc recommended ivf is because if both tubes are scarred there is an increased chance of a tubal pregnancy. . with ivf fertilization takes palce outside the body but with iui fertilization takes place in the tubes and with scarring there is an increased chance of a tubal that is one of the factor for having a tubal pregnancy. it may just be that your doc just wanted to make sure that didnt happen or he may have thought that in the long run you would have spent money on iui that you could have saved for ivf if the iui didnt work. talk to your doctor and do research and decide what is best for you. have you had a lap done i have heard of women having laps done to remove scar tissue in the tubes and to remove any blockages. this may be something that you may want to look into. good luck.



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