IUI Cost and Concerns
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Chrystal - September 14

Does anyone know the cost of IUI. I live in the Atlanta Area. I am going to Emory Hospital. My husband is sterile, so we are going to do the IUI procedure with a donor. I've had blood works done (day three).. Horomone level OK, synohysteogram done.. OK.. ultrasound done... OK. Has anyone been through this? What was it like?


Lena - September 14

I'm pg from DIUI. With specimen costs and co-pay for AI, u/s and clomid, I paid about $900-$1000 per cycle. The largest cost was the specimen. My co pay for AI was $56 and u/s was $82. I had two AI per cycle and 2-3 u/s per cycle.


KellyN - September 14

Hi Chrystal. I am in the Atlanta area too. My doc does two IUIs. One on the day before ovulation, and one the following day. He charges $200 for the first one, and $100 for the one after that. Of course this does not include the pre-IUI u/s or the clomid, or any other meds. The meds cost me about $100 a month, but insurance covers some of them. My insurance also covers u/s and any blood work. I just pay $25 per visit. That's about $500 for me a month. My first IUI was this month, but I didn't know about doing it twice, so we only did it the day before o. Next time I will do it two days in a row like the doc recommends.


dl - September 14

what is better if you get 2 iui cycles the day before ov and ov day or ov day and the next day? i thought my clinic said ov day and next day but now after reading KellyN's comment i'm not sure.does anyone else's clinic do 2 and if so what days?


me - September 14

I can only assume that the day after ovulation, you have lesser of a chance to get pregnant because the egg only stays viable up to 24 hrs. It is better to have some sperm waiting for the egg to release and then the day of in my opinion.


Chrystal - September 14

Thanks ladies.


Lena - September 14

Actually we are targeting the day of ovulation because with DIUI we only have a 6-8 hr optimal window. Typically we IUI the day off and the day after. The day after is the "clean up" per se.


to Lena - September 15

why just a 6-8 hour window and what do you mean 'clean up'? sorry i'm new to all this. dl


Lena - September 15

The ovum begins degeneration immediately after ovulation. It may live for 24 hrs but its vitality is greatest 6-8 hrs post ovulation. Egg quality is very important for embryonic integrity. Regarding "Clean Up". Its just a casual term to describe the second IUI. Say for example you had a noon time IUI on day 1 and day 2. Though we try to IUI on ovuation day, its possible that you ovulated at midnight. The 2 IUI is an insurance policy that the ovum has viable semen present. Keep in mind that the freezing process reduces motility, morphology, and live count. The sperm also live for a shorter time because of the thawing process.


to Lena - September 15

Then why do alot of the other sites recommend you bd the day before and the day of? Is it different when doing IUI as opposed to normal intercourse?


? - September 15

I think when you have sperm washed for IUI prep--they have a shorter life than if you bd and the sperm live in the cervical mucus


Lena - September 15

You are using a donor. I'm assuming from a cryobank? If so, the specimen is frozen. Frozen semen doesn't last as long as fresh semen. With fresh, washed sperm, the seminal plasma is removed. The seminal plasma provides a buffer and nutrients for the sperm so washed sperm also won't last as long. With natural conception the sperm can live 24-48 hrs so you have semen present at the time of O.


to Lena - September 15

our clinic only does iui's first thing in the morning. I gather this probably isnt the best from reading what you have said Lena?


bump - September 16



Lena - September 16

You really can't draw the conclusion that an early morning IUI is a bad thing. The timing is all relative to when you O. The IDEAL time is within 6-8 hrs for optimal conception odds, but that doesn't mean 9-12 hrs is bad either, or that its imposible at 12+ hrs. I'll be honest with you, IUI is a crapshoot every single time and the use of a frozen specimen makes it even harder. We can plan and hope for the best conditions, but even the best condition in the most fertile of women, isn't always enough. There have been times when I thought for sure there would be a pregnancy and wasn't, and other times where I thought the condition weren't right and there was a pregnancy.


to lena - September 17

thanx lena, we will be using hubbies washed sperm. hoping this is finally our month.


Lisa30 - February 25

Hello Lena! How are you? Who is your doctor?



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