it's hard to get pregnant without having sex!!!
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Beth - September 9

Hey, I'm having a really hard week and decided I can't sleep until I vent a little bit. I still have a few days before I can test, and we've been trying since May. If it gets to be October, I'm going to go see the doctor. I know that may be pushing it, but hey, six months is plenty for me right about now. What's really bothering me is that my husband has been in the hospital since Tuesday, and I haven't been able to see him, talk to him, and the doctor's won't tell me anything because of the new almighty "hippa" laws. I try not to think of it during the day, but it's just really hard at night. I miss him so much! He has been really depressed lately, and suddenly on Tuesday, he wasn't himself. He's also been really sick since July, and the doctor's haven't been able to give us a reason why. He wanted to go to the doctor's because he was "unstable." But, he took off because he was afraid they would stick him in the mental hospital. He's not mental, he's just sad and sick, and sick of being both. He was acting suicidal, so I had to call the police to take him to the hospital. That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Now, he doesn't want to talk to me, but I'm hoping he'll talk to them and come around soon. I miss my man the way he used to be, pain and sick free! Now isn't the right time for a baby I suppose, but then when is? There are always problems, you never know when a new one will show up.


Cassie - September 9

I'm sorry that your man is so sad and sick right now... and it can't be easy for either of you. You're right to think that now is not the best time to make a baby. It is never the "perfect" time, but then there times that really are not appropriate. Hopefully your husband will get better sooner rather than later so that you can both be in the right mindset to try this together. Best wishes.


merlee - September 9

I know this is a very hard time for you. I'm sure it was hard to call for help knowing your DH didn't want it. But I congratulate you on being able to do it. You seem to be very "stable", maybe enough for both of you for now. I know he will understand that you did what you had to do. I pray that he gets the help that he needs. There are so many causes of depression, it just takes the right kind of help to get it "fixed". Be strong. It will get better, I just know it. Then you will get your little one.


laura - September 12

if now aint the right time it never will be. having a baby to look forward to could really boost your hubbys spirit he probably feels the same as you and is wanting a baby badly and possibly feels like hes letting you down. stand by him and your relationship will grow stronger and you will be able to concentrate on the more pleasurable side of marriage and look forward to the future that you so desperatly need. keep your head up and stay positive it will all work out eventually


me - September 12

Been there done that. Unfortunately, in my opinion, if your husband is not stable mentally, this may not be the best time to try to have a baby. Babies don't fix anything in relationships, just add to the stress of whatever was there in the first place. I would focus on keeping your husband alive rather than bringing anohter life in to the world right now. It wouldn't be fair to the baby either having a disruptive household to grow up in with a suicidal parent. Get your husband well first then decide together if a baby is something he wants too. Just giving an opinion based on what you said above and since I have been there in the exact same situation. Good luck.



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