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Bless - November 22

I just wanted to give you ladies dealing with male factor some hope. We have been ttc 2 yrs now and male factor was the issue. We had our first IUI done with the use of gonal f and hcg shot and we are now pregnant. We only had a count of 2.7 million, we were told IVF ICSI was our only hope. I wish you all the best... IT IS POSSIBLE


cspears99 - November 22

Congratulations Bless!!! finally!! As soon as my cycle starts we are starting the IUI with gonal-f after 4 attemps with clomid that failed, so wish us luck!! I am so happy for you!


Maren - November 22

Bless congrats, did it take you one try or more with the IUI?


Mega - November 22

Congrats! Bless, how exciting. Have a happy, healthy 9 months.


linds99 - November 22

Congratulations! That is very inspiring! See ladies, miracles do happen (with a little help from science :)! That is just super...


Bless - November 22

Only one try... i was shocked!! And thank you everyone


tonyaandjoe - November 24




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