Is yeast infection type symptom a sign of early pregnancy?
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Hopeful - August 10

hel!!! heres a quick breakdown:

i was pf 4 yrs ago & mc @ 11 wks... one of the first signs ( i think, if i remeber corectly) was a yeast infection type symptom - where it felt like one was coming but there were no clumps & extreme itching - there was a translucent opaque whiteish clear discharge, not in the underwear but seen on toilet paper after urination... it was uncomfortable but not any excruciating itchy/burning.... along with this was what felt like af cramping & swollen bbs but af never came - - - - - - well, i have been ttc for 6 mos & am having these symptoms again now. im 5 dpo & not due to test till 19th. my bbs are swollen, random pains in abdominal / navel / ovary areas & this strange pre-yeast like spmytom. i took hpt @ 3 dpo trying to be hopeful, neg - but that is way too early right? im scared bc what if this turns into a yeast infection & ruins my possible conception - or what if i treat w/ a yeast medication & it interferes - or what if i wait it out & am pg will there be problems etc. what if its not yeast - what the hell is it!

my dr will want to prescribe something no matter what she does everytime & have gfiven me things that are dangerous when ttc such as levaquin.... she prescribes fiflucan at the ring of a phone. i dotn want to harm the chance if i am pg by taking something but will i harm the chance if i dont...... . any advice would be helpful!!! tahnks



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