Is it me?
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abby - April 27

well me and my husband are trying to have a baby and after we have sex we lay their for about 15 or 20 minutes then i get up and all of his sperm leaks out right away is that normal?


~K~ - April 27

I was experiencing the same problem. I would lay there with my feet up for 30 to 45 min at a time sometime i would lay there all night and then in the morning i felt as if it would all come out in the morning. The truth of the matter is there is going to be excess that will come out. I was so sure that i was not pregnant but long behold i was... unfortunately it resulted in a miscarriage but i am currently on my first round of clomid. However... dont worry about it. Just do what you are doing. Maybe just instead of getting up after 20 min, just go to sleep and dont go pee after sex. Also put a pillow under your lower back while having sex... this will help more sperm go inside and also prop your feet up on a pillow and just lay there. Dont worry... keep your head up, it will happen. Feel free to write me at [email protected]


Laura - April 27

You have to remember that semen holds the sperm. Sperm is too tiiny for the naked eye to see. While you are laying there (I stayed with my feet up for 30-40 min after the month I got pregnant) the sperm can swim through your fertile cervical fluid and up into the uterus. The excess semen will still leak out. I also HAD to pee after having sex... I just couldn't hold it. So I'd try to wait for about an hour before I did. I still got pregnant (we tried for almost a year and I was on Clomid two months when it worked).


Heather - April 27

The only bad thing about not peeing after sex is you can get a bladder infection. My sister gets them all the time and her dr asked if she went to the bathroom after sex and she said no. He told her that it is one of the major causes of bladder infections. I have to pee too. Sometimes I try to pee first so I can last longer without going. The BEST position for conception is him on top with a pillow under your hips. Keep the pill under your hips for the 20 minutes you lay there afterwords. It puts your uterus & cervix is the right position making it easier for sperm to swim on up. Good luck everyone!!



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