irregular periods and pregnancy
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jennie bregan - June 14

i have irregular periods. sometimes i go 4 months with out a period. I dont want to get pregnant, but i want natural sex. is this possible?


shannon - June 15

hi,i have irregular periods going to try evening primrose oil or agnus castos which are supposed to help regulate body.they helped with periods b4 so may try it again.goodluck!


Nena - June 15

I am irregular too. Shannon can you explain more on the treatments you mentioned please, as we may want to use it as well. Thanks! Good luck to all of us ;o)


lynna - June 16

hi,my periods are very irregular and i would like to get pregnant but find it difficult to find when i ovulate,my docter prescribed the pill for a short while to regulate me,if you dont want to become pregnant then id suggest talking to your doctor about going on the periods were very long,would last for weeks at a time my doctor put me on a higher dosage of the pill 35mg.instead of the usual 30mg which regulated me in a matter of 3 months,i hope this helps you.good luck x x



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