if my tests are all ok do i need meds for an iui?
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dale - August 31

We have male factor problems and i seem to be ok with every test, i'm ovulating fine etc etc. When we go to do an iui will i have to take any meds? I"m just trying to prepare for what this is going to cost us and what we need to plan for. I dont have my meeting with doc for a couple more weeks still.


D. - August 31

You can do natural IUIs. But sometimes they may put you on meds to give the swimmers more targets and increase your chances of success. I believe that the stats are: unmedicated IUI, about 10-15%. Medicated around 15-20. I THINK. I never remember my numbers correctly.

Many ladies may try unmedicated a couple of cycles. Then they may do clomid/iui. Then clomid/repronex/IUI. Then pure injectibles (I'm doing repronex/gonal F this cycle).

Good Luck!


Lena - September 1

We had only male fertility problems and used clomid to increase follicular production. Even with clomid my chances were 10% per cycle and it took my 10 cycles to conceive. Of those 10 IUI cycles, 5 were natural and I only produced 1 viable follicle. With clomid I produced 4- 7 follicles. I had a bad rxn to clomid during my initial clomid cycle which is why we did the 5 natural. In hindsight, I don't feel like I stood a change to conceive during those 5 natural cycles.


dale - September 2

Lena congrats on your pregnancy. This month i produced on my own 9 follicles (found out from ultrasound) obviously some small and i huge one that i know was "ripe for the pickin" :) so i guess i'll just have to see what doc says next week. i am hoping no meds because i am dry to begin with and doc was saying that clomid can make it even worse.



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