I was taking Provera/ Prgesterone.......
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KATY - June 11

So my Dr gave me Provera/Progesterone due to cycle issues. Took a Preg test at office to make sure I wasn't preg. test was neg. (it was actually to soon to pick up the readings. this drug. I've read during the 1st trimester preg should not take this drug. Unfortunatly I had no idea I was preg. already. Could this be harmful to baby? I am now 12 wks along ( I was bout 2-4wks along while taking Provera. Just curious what you all think. I have to wiat till Monday to call Dr & ask.


Cm - June 11

I would go back to your doctors and tell them that you took this and you were pregnant! I just wanted to say Congrats & best wishes! And I hope nothing is wrong with your baby.


Carrie - June 14

I don't think that taking Provera will hurt during pregnancy. I have been ttc for 1 1/2 years & my doctor has had me on Provera to help regulate my cycles. She said that they give Provera to some pregnant women to help them sustain a pregnancy. congrats & good luck!


wow - June 15

i was on deprovera as contraception i came of it a year ago and have been ttc but nothing in one year.theres no way i could get pregnant on that it was terrible the weight gain and everything i hoping that has not been the cause of me not conceiving


Kim - June 22

I hope your Dr. said that everything should be fine. The same exact thing happend to me 10years ago. My husband and I even went to a genetic specialist @ The University of Miami because we were so concerned. She told us not to worry about it. Our son is now 10 years old and perfect!!! I am now on Provera again trying to get pregnant with my third child. Wish me luck!!!


Lynn - June 27

I just found out I was prenant last week while taking Provera. I was taking it due to cycle issues also. I have also spotted this weekend a little bit. I'm scared but I know that everything will work out. I've heard pros and cons. Some Dr's believe it can harm the fetus and others believe it can help. My Doctor said that it is all or nothing. Whatever that means! I will be praying for you and a healthy pregnancy.



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