I just wish ......
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Wish - September 20

i just wish that everything would fall into place on getting pregnant... there is nothing more than i would want is to have a complete family... i feel for everyone in here having to go thru everything that we are all going thru... the drugs the side affects.. the waiting.. its all such a pain.. but maybe if we just wish and pray hard enough that it will happen like we dream of it happening... i just wanted to vent .... alittle.. who ever wants to join is more than welcome... good luck to all of the woman on this site that have been trying for a long time!!!!


hayley - September 20

i no how you feel really i do but keep your chin up it will happen i have been trying for almost 3 years now,it will happen soon and i no that when people say it will happen i get so mab but i no that i will !!! gud luck


maybe... - September 20

I tried for 6 years, then had a daughter naturally and now we have been trying for the last year,one pg which ended in miscarraige. I just got done reading a book that I found vey interesting, it was called the infertility cure by Randine Lewis. It is about acupuncture and fertility. It made a lot of sense to me, so today I am setting up my first acupuncture appt... Good luck and hang in there it will happen one day. baby dust


me - September 20

Since we are wishing...why can't people who have children raise them right? I know this sounds cold, but whenever I am out with my hubby, there are kids running all around, making noise, disrupting everyone else around them. Why can't they raise them to be good well behaved children instead of little monsters. It's times like that when I want to stop trying, but then my hubby says it's all the parenting, not the kids. Anyhoo, just wishing :)


Michelle - September 20

TO ME: I have to disagree with you. I have a friend with 3 children. The first is a perfect angel. Never breaks the rules, is quiet and follows his schedule perfectly. The second is an unholy terror. He is very strong willed and defiant. She's read every book on the subject and asked for advice from everyone with children. Her 3rd. son is a sweet angel. just like the 1st one. She does nothing different with any of them. She continues to disipline the middle as needed but she can't change his basic personality. All children have a different temperment. You had better be ready to take what God gives you. You're right that parenting does play a major role but don't be so quick to judge people on their parenting until you know their child. I have another good friend with 6 kids. Her 2nd is severly autistic. If you saw her out with her kids you would probably think she is a terrible mother. Her autistic son looks just like her other kids but is incapable of following the rules the way the others do. (Her others are very disciplined and well behaved.) She avails herself of all availabe resources for her disabled child. She is the BEST mother to ALL of her children that I know. We all can't have "perfect" children. Consider this next time you see an unruly child.
PS: children are supposed to make noise!


Michelle - September 20

To Wish, I know how frustrating this journey can be. I think that you are right, keep praying, try to stay optomistic and enjoy life while is is happening. Just keep believing and hopefully, you will have your blessing soon.Baby Dust to you!


me - September 20

I knew someone would respond defensively to my post. I am not quick to judge people, Michelle. There is a difference in children making noise and running around like animals. When the parents are just sitting around the table prentenidng nothing is going on and disrupting the whole restaurant, then I think there is a problem. I never said there were perfect children either. Sorry you disagree and find me to be judgemental. If you knew me, then you wouldn't be judging me either. Good luck.


Jill - September 21

I have suffered with PCOS for 3 years. About 5 months ago, we tried Clomid, which did not work. Last month, I sat on my porch and prayed. I told God if it was going to happen, let this be the month. So much has been going on, we moved to a different house, I've been sick most of the month. Because of all of this, I assumed there was no chance. Well, I never started my period, which wasn't unusual, since the PCOS puts my cycles all over the map. Just for the fun of it, I decided to take a test tonight. It was plain as day, positive pregnancy. As someone that has been in your shoes for a while, I have a bit of advice: accept where you are in your life. Worrying and stressing every month does no good for anyone, but it does lots of harm for everyone. Getting worked up about it isn't going to make you pregnant, it's going to make it harder. Just relax, and accept that what is meant to be will be.


me - September 21

Congrats Jill! I have been trying for 8 months now with no luck. I was not diagnosed with PCOS yet, but I can't seem to confirm ovulation through temping. i will be going to a RE in October. I have already accepted the fact that it may not happen, so hopefully it will!



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