I am Pregnant but !!!!
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heba - June 5

hi there can any one help ? i made prgnancy home test and it was postive i am now 6 weeks pregnant i went ysterday to the Dr and i made ultrasound and the Dr can see only the Yolk sac but no haert beat ..he told me that this might be a problem and come again next week ..plaese help caould i be prgnant or not ?


albertagirl - June 5

6 weeks is very early to try and see a heartbeat on an ultrasound. Put yourself at ease, you will be able to see the heartbeat clearer in a few weeks. As long as you hcg is good I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.


Annie - June 5

Wow, your doctor has no business saying "it might be a problem come again next week"! Honey, I am sure you are fine, just like albertagirl said....and if you can, find a more supportive doctor.


Chrissy - June 5

Dont worry about it, its too early to hear a heart beat. Just wait and everything will fall together for you. I know its hard to wait but thats the only thing you can do right now. Good Luck & Best Wishes!


heba - June 6

thanks all for ur support ...but it is so hard to wait and for how long ? i have been trying for a whole year and finaly i got prgnant ...u can't imagin how i felt when i took the home prgnancy test .. i was very happy ...any way ...i will wait and see ..thanks again..



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